Tensions And Choices: A New Educational Model

The need not to get bogged down in outdated educational systems, referring to the rural school, which still remains in the practices of many institutions, students must respond to considering the features that current technology presents, without neglecting the central role of the teacher as an irreplaceable, we must recognize that there is a pedagogical model for urban and rural society, the child is a social model sold through the media and does not offer students the opportunity to address this complex society. Teachers must exist in the knowledge that innovation is the answer to the demands of education today and this is only possible with the upgrade. The education provided by the teacher should be an education for life, taking into account their context, you can not pretend to have an educational model first world when we are not bound as an industrialized country, ie we are out of step with other countries in the fields social, educational, economic. It should take decisions and implement solutions, establishing incentives where clearly needed, such that the centers operate better teachers, and the Reform of the teaching career is a process aimed at continuing education and focus on real needs students.

You can not innovate if there is no research in our own environment on the Mexican child, support and respond to the work of Mexican researcher who knows the true situation surrounding the social context of rural communities, promoting social-depth knowledge before implement remedial or preventive practices. Teachers must adjust our teaching practices and leave behind all this cultural burden that weighs us down and that really allows us to take that step to make the traditional teaching and embrace a constructivist teaching in which we give our children the tools to facilitate understanding of their environment, their life and their education. Finally there are two fundamental tasks for the realization of the change we have been talking about: The remedial, which consist of training and constant reformation and systematized for teachers in service. The trial, referred to the relevant adjustments to the plans and programs of teacher training schools. There are other issues in the political environment in which the management or allocation of funds can play an important role, seek consultation between teachers, meet the needs of providing quality of teachers necessary to reach these agreements also consulting with experts in the field of education and build a really quality education system that allows changes and to consolidate real.

Evolution of Technology

Do not tell me that this is not something of an evolutionary process. 4th of lives Such projects tend to procreation or the copy; as expansive essences before dying or disappear by attrition is copied or induced in other essences, procreate or multiplied in new essences renovated with all the copied information in the form of trend-induced expansion itself (for this reason, every time the universe is bigger, more and more expansive essences and each time the expansion is more expansive, there are no limits as the nothingness that surrounds the universe, because nothing does not prevent a growing expansive growth).

These draft lives tend to duality, as well as expansive essence, for nothing can be born, become or be established as a dual principle, whether matter or energy (see the section of this work entitled “everything is dual). All these trends are a wealth of information, something intangible, something not detectable, would they be like the soul of life?. All these trends inevitably lead to living processes, which aimed to unite, and under the control of evolution of these trends, evolved into something physical, living in a building or tree, which governed or led by the trends continue to evolve constantly expanding. All these trends, being a wealth of information, it is as a base, is like an order that is based on intelligence (intelligence is an order, the ordered cluster of expansive tendencies), and thanks to these trends, in that order and the accumulation of increased information learned and inherited intelligence has evolved and technology evolves.

Jubilant Is Making Money On The Internet

I’m so glad to note every day to make money using the Internet is not complicated, nor impossible, or difficult that I feel obliged to tell the whole world there is no reason to complain of the lack of income opportunities employment or economic crisis when the possibilities of creating online businesses are at hand for all even if not very savvy on the computer. When I talk with my family and friends how I’m making money on the internet watch as those who are listening are also excited, maybe because I share my excitement, my enthusiasm and joy at the successes that gradually add up and I have allowed to partially pay my vacation, my cable TV, some arrangements of my house and even my new car fertilizers among many other expenses. The truth is not always so, in fact I have little time to be living the lifestyle of the dot com I had read both online and thought to myself … Ason fantasies! Just between us … I retired some years ago and when I did the first thing that pleases me to do was give me a long vacation in which I exhausted most of my savings, back home and bored, surfing the internet aimlessly without resources to go out with my friends came to me to start looking for ideas about how to earn extra money.

You see, mmm … my pension as a retiree is small and not likely to increase, so I started researching on business and discovered that this is an issue on which there is much information in the network, clear that we must take into account that not all is good. At first I was confused, insecure and exposed my lack of knowledge to fall easily into any fraud, so I repressed my urge to buy tempting offers of money while a oregano dermal and so forth. But my attention the possibility of creating my own web site, and that’s how I started several years ago with a personal blog, it helped me understand a little how to edit pages as HTML and publish on the Internet, because at that time only knew how to write emails, use some games and create Power Point presentations. While building my blog I kept studying and putting into practice what seemed to me valuable, many experiments did not see a dime in several months, I was about to abandon the attempt, but I did not, I persisted, would not give up the idea I was full of hope and opened to my great expectations. This helped me to understand that a start it Make Money on the Internet is a process that requires not only a good idea and a business plan, but mostly serious work and perseverance. AWhen got my first check! You can imagine that the first payment was wonderful, did not fit in anywhere because I was overcome with emotion that made me feel like a big balloon ready to explode, I discovered that they had invested time and effort worthwhile.

The First Step

And here is where the title of this article. Although it is not about how many hours of work, whether to take action so that this desire we have that our goal is realized, has scheduled a directive for action by us to the starting point . Guideline that we will changing as we go along by the insights that we will be reporting the subconscious, so the law of attraction will exert their influence naturally. When I say ACTION, is to implement the first steps assist in the first instance to the object and wishes to raise. This should be divided into two types of shares: forced, I call to those suggestions to the subconscious (the claims), which shall speak in another article. And I try in this that are the natural actions, which come from our very being (our willpower and desire more intimate), and in principle, only in principle such actions are rational, that is designed exclusively for the conscious then, as already quoted, will be modified by a combination initiated by the subconscious mind and accepted by the conscious mind.

These actions are initially simple and direct relationship with what you want to achieve. If you want to publish an eBook on the Internet, the first thing you should do is start investigating how it’s done and things will give themselves one after another, even if you do not know anything about computers. And so it is with everything that you propose. Since you must take the first step, then have you subconscious starts to guide you to through intuition will continue checking the subsequent steps.