New Building Technologies For Sports

The revival of traditions of healthy lifestyles and physical media – such is the priority policies of Russia. But in the absence of appropriate infrastructure, many Russians simply have no place in sports: built in 60-80 years. facilities were closed or had deteriorated, new construction does not manage to ensure the growing demand. Nevertheless, we can say that there was a positive turning point – the victory of Sochi in the Olympic race has become a serious stimulus to the development of sports industry in the country. Thus, despite the crisis, most recently in the press are increasing reports of the early construction of sports complexes of the European standard, not only in million cities, but also in smaller settlements. This uses the latest building technologies – lightweight metal (LMC).

"Children grow up in times of crisis " "Our children are growing up and during the crisis, and they should be able to play sports, – said one of his speeches, Larissa Latynina, an Olympic gymnastics champion. – We must build gyms – quickly, efficiently, economically. " And Larissa Semyonovna absolutely right, especially since the technical possibilities for this are: modern technology (such as prefabricated buildings and structures) allow to build a giant sports complexes in the shortest possible time and, importantly, at lower cost than was previously possible. Today, these objects are among the most promising areas of the construction industry. Their basic elements – a frame made of steel and outer casing of the "sandwich" panels (sandwich panels, consisting of a double coating and insulation).