Codes of Discount

You have 25 possibilities: those of the 25 Codes of Discount that we offer to you today for your stays in our hotels during the month of June. It secures to a 10% of discount in your stays during June these Codes of Discount will be valid in anyone of the establishments of HOTELS MOUNT and with them you will secure to a 10% of discount in it reserves that you realise during this month of May, for stays during the month of June of 2011, when realising your reserve through our page Web. These are the 25 CODES that you will be able to apply as of this moment: 67-MN-BL 6E-JK-8A 6I-78-9B 6Y-Md-AW 74-BJ-IF 85-31-KS 8M-12-XS 8M-TM-GE 8V-WG-XV 8W-KX-BF 92-3T-F7 9H-2R-WT 9P-DD-G6 9U-Y2-SG A6-J2-PB A8-Y6-16 AA-AX-X4 AD-YX-2B AE-RN-8R AG-ZE-1W AR-3Z-R5 AR-DN-7M AU-T3-KJ AZ-JA-P3 B4-HK-HZ to see how to apply the codes it accedes here: It remembers that these codes are one-time and applicable in reserves ONLY through our page Web. They are not cumulative to other supplies or gifts that we have in force. This code will have validity until the 31 of May of 2011, in all ours hotels in Seville, Huelva, Cadiz and Malaga.

You have here them. No longer you have excuse for venirte with us and not to begin to enjoy the advantages that HOTELS MOUNT put in your hands. You will not regret. And the week that comes MORE CODES FOR ALL!

Ecuador Rafael Strap

the problem is not military man, but all we know that he is politician, and we invited to presidents Alvaro Uribe, because it must be like a question of members of Unasur, and we can make the meeting in Buenos Aires, so that president Uribe does not have the sensation of which there is hostility towards him. Without responding to stridencies, neither adjectives, nor qualifications, asserted the Argentine agent chief executive in a tone conciliator, and that she herself will be in charge to call to Uribe to invite it to a future meeting of urgent character. The Argentina president also indicated, that we must let to us confuse neither by kind nor raised speeches: the result is that a climate is being created belligerence in the region that can generate situations that nobody wants. In the same line, it indicated: ” We cannot allow that apart from which has exported us the economic crisis and the influenza To now also they raise a belligerent situation to us in our region; he is highly worrisome and mortificante for our societies and ours gobiernos”. Cristina Fernandez, supported the words of the Brazilian Luiz Incio ” Lula” It gives Whistles, who suggested Unasur calls it to American president Barack Obama so that she defines his policy in the region. It is possible to emphasize it comments as it, the Colombian vice chancellor, Jurisdictional mercy, that explained that never American military bases in Colombian territory will exist, and that the agreement is for fighting against the drug trafficking. have been, nor will be no foreign bases in Colombia; a limited access will be allowed to manage activities against the drug trafficking and the terrorism, accepting the international right to the sovereignty of the States, and without affecting to third party, added the Colombian Vice chancellor in a clear and calm intervention. On the other hand, president of Ecuador Rafael Strap, and now temporary president of Unasur, as soon as with the necessary words and a very dry tone, responded to the explanation of the Colombian representative In any case I I am in I decide with you Mrs. Vicecanciller, to include the analysis of the traffic of arms, activities of irregular groups and the armamentismo in Latin America .

Andean Coordinator

The certain thing, that the arrival of the presidents has generated great interest in the Forum that was inaugurated under the motto ” Another world is posible” and that counts on the presence of about 100,000 activists. ” He interests that the presidents come to the Forum who say that they are of ours lado” , he indicated Miguel Palacin, person in charge of the Andean Coordinator of Indigenous organizations. He stands out thus in his writing, that also has indicated critics, it appeared a great poster in one of you soothe of the forum, a union, criticism to Lula, whereas the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) exhorted to the Forum to that ” grata” declares to the president of Ecuador person not; and ” it suspends the events in which he is presente” , reason why it considered action ” repressive and racistas”. The NGO of human rights Amnesty International protested to him to the president of Paraguay that ” territorios” shows its commitment with the rights of the indigenous towns solving the reclamations by his;. ” Chvez, Obama, Lula, Capitalism failed, to administer its crisis is an act of barbarie” , it notices a poster in front of a coffin that symbolizes the capitalist system. President Hugo Chavez indicated: ” World-wide the Social Forum must articulate to happen to ofensiva” , Chvez said, that in addition pointed the darts against World-wide the Economic Forum: ” (In Davos) the world meets that dies, here meets the world that nace” , the Venezuelan president expressed.