The Training

You should avoid extended seasons of competition without rest period. If there is an unusual high proportion of stress fractures, workloads and training surfaces must be tested. It is necessary to individualize the training programs in children, pubertal maturation State by age (age chronological? biological age). You should try to prevent alterations of the appetite and nutritional deficits (especially in girls.) REHABILITATION to the sport then of the FRACTURE bone reactions to stress specific treatment will depend on the severity of the injury at the time of its diagnosis and its specific anatomical location. However generally speaking we can follow a series of simple guides to help the athlete to minimize your recovery period. Firstly, it is absolutely essential to maintain the activity of the patient below the pain threshold, while we are going very slowly increasing the workload. There are several studies showing that the absence of pain is correlated with the scintigraphic and radiografica, healing and that can be a parameter as valid as these tests complementary and much cheaper (and safe for athletes).

For a subject with a fracture by stress the increased load must not exceed 10% every two weeks. While a normal person is usually increase more than 10% per week. PHASE I the object of this phase is the control of pain. Usually used NSAIDs, physiotherapy and ice. If symptoms appear even with ambulation, the athlete must walk with the help of crutches. Of course, will have to eliminate activities that have caused the injury completely. Is usually possible to perform activities such as cycling, swimming, race in water, trunk and train superior conditioning exercises, etc. We will try to allow patient to walk without crutches within several days, and once he is able to do it without pain, we will be removing them progressively. PHASE II once the athlete is able to walk without pain for several days, we can begin with the next phase of its recovery: use gentle exercises without impact programs.


It is estimated that approximately 18 percent of the world’s population suffers from some degree of tinnitus or tinnitus (according to its name in English), as this particular case of perception of a humming sound in the right ear. Fortunately, only a small percentage of those affected suffer it as a discomfort that accompanies them all the time. Despite the fact that for many, this is a chronic disorder; for most it nothing but a symptom that can live without complications. The problem arises for that little rest that remains a significant figure at the global level. That group of people who suffer from tinnitus as one major disorder that prevents them from living a normal life, a disorder that makes things more simple in a real torture.

For all those who suffer from severe cases of tinnitus that prevent them from concentrating on tasks more elementary, they make them impossible to fall asleep, or transforms their routines in a lapse of emotional ups and downs; formal or traditional medicine has failed to provide a concrete solution that eliminates or successfully mitigate this annoying buzzing sound in the right ear. For all these people, homeopathic medicine has different options that will bring it to the so long-awaited and necessary solution. Controlled clinical trials taking patients of all age groups obtaining important results in relief of tinnitus have been. Using various natural extracts selected according to the characteristics of each patient, a treatment was for a term of three months getting a positive response in sixty percent of cases in general and in a one hundred percent of patients under the age of forty. Homeopathic medicines used in these trials for the ringing in the ear, were prepared with different combinations of Cactus, China, Belladonna, Causticum, Licopodium, Grafites Pulsatila. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make that tinnitus will disappear forever.