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On the other hand, in the case of wanting to protect files and folders in view of any user who has access to your computer, an option is to use an application that encrypt and hide these contents, which only can be accessed by using a password. Applications like Truecrypt are multi-platform – works with any operating system – and free, although some operating systems have similar functionalities, such as the FileVault feature included in Mac OS X and accessible in the section on security in the system preferences. In this case, the system automatically takes care of encrypting and decrypting files of each user. For Windows users, a simple trick visually hides a folder in the system, although the content is not encrypted. Control your computer remotely however, an interesting option for users who want to have more control of security in the event of loss or theft of a laptop is to use a service specializing in the recovery of computers.

They are different proposals of Adeona, Locate PC or Undercover, Mac OS x. LoJack for Laptops is a service to track and locate laptops from any terminal in the world. For this, it is necessary to install an application on the operating system of the computer – is available for Windows and Mac Os X. It has two main services: one dedicated to trace where is the laptop, if this is connected to the Internet at some point and communicate this information to the local authorities for their recovery. On the other hand, it also allows to remotely erase all data stored by the user on the hard disk. This product has an annual cost of 39.95.

Prey is a multiplatform application to access a large amount of data from the computer remotely and facilitate its location. Among these data the IP address figure to which it is connected, files running on that point as well as a screenshot of the desktop of the computer. In the event that your computer have a webcam, a photograph would be at that moment to try to capture the image of the person who uses it. This information is sent by short message (SMS) or by e-mail to the user’s account. Prey have a version free and limited to a maximum of three devices, in addition to a price plan with more functionalities and a number of devices ranging from three to 500, depending on the type of plan selected. The cost of the most basic personal plan is five dollars per month.