None of the people who were not involved in network marketing, does not understand what mlm. Moreover, 90% of network marketers do not understand the essence of this business. What is the cause of misunderstanding? For most people, when we first met with mlm there is feeling that they are trying to pull a sect or some sort of financial pyramid and take away the money. Who’s to blame? Lazy, stupid, cowardly people who do not want anything in life have no purpose and only think about short-term needs? Such people are, but in fact they are not so much so that you can hold them guilty. Blame, in fact, we do. We’ll give the audience a picture of this business. – Large plaid bag some mlm representatives an idea of the system to build a business.

– Overloaded emotions presentation, in which the emphasis is on what our product is the best in the world, only in our business you can be happy, very similar to the preaching of the various sects. – Calls will certainly do trade, even if the number of products you do not need, and you do not know how to implement it, raise in the minds of the idea that someone wants to make money on your spending. How can change these perceptions? 1. Stop being sellers and people vparivat goods, 95% of people are not salesmen and do not want them to become, show them the opportunities that will enable them to live better. You will become rich when the rich will help many people.

2. Show the system achieve the goal, using which they will come to the result. 3. Demonstrate effective methods of work, which will repeat each. Even if you ‘re just super motivated, and your positive emotions will pour out over the edge – this will be insufficient. Important to know how and what to do. Change your idea of network marketing, you make the first step to success. To fully understand what mlm I recommend reading the book of D. The file “45-second presentation or a lesson on napkins.

Business Knowledge Management

The highly competitive companies have been identified with the relevance, reach that be not only identified with what currently generates knowledge contributes, but with the necessity that its human resources handle it, having the vision and commitment to a modern management who knows what currently the knowledge management encompasses. Very valid that he is said about the importances of this strategy, it is necessary and indispensable condition for the consolidation of the future of the organizations in the new economy: increasing business value and social betterment, through research, development and innovation, aligned its human, technological and managerial, competence to their strategies and crystallized in products and services originating from your most important intangible asset-intensive: knowledge. It is also known, that manage the knowledge comes to be the management of all intangible assets that provide value to the organization in achieving capabilities, or essential, distinctive competencies. It is thus a dynamic concept, i.e. flow. By the other hand reminds us,. unipamplona.edu.co the knowledge management or Knowledge Management is the systematic process of locating, applying, distribute, store, transform and share knowledge with participants from an organization, in order to exploit the resources of knowledge based companies own intellectual capital, enhance organizational competencies and the generation of value-oriented cooperatively.

Knowledge management allows us to determine that processes must improve, that areas of service the customer makes to sell less, as do a certain process more profitable, that improve our clients of our product, expect that innovation can give us a competitive advantage over our customers. Unfortunately, there are many enterprises, especially SMEs, do not have realised what represents and provides the management of knowledge, many of them do so because they do not have a management proactive, visionary, able to adapt to the requirements demanded by current economic and commercial scenarios. It ignores that it is necessary for companies, count and implement modern tools and management methods that lay called knowledge management, all this to achieve the competitiveness, accelerate innovation, generate new resources and ensure the knowledge as the asset most precious modern administrative science has given way to new administrative toolsmanagerial topics that have guaranteed knowing them interpret and implement results that have favored the companies, so that they ensure competitiveness, the challenges and know the opportunities.

Social Networking

These links are known as input or backlinks links (by its English name). These backlinks, not only help to generate traffic to your website, blog or product, with the probability of making a sale, but that it will help to make search engines position that site or blog, in a good ranking. In any case, if the visitor or our follower on Social Networking don’t want to access the link, there will be always enjoyed with what have put at your disposal free of charge, having fulfilled the objective of social networks. How known in social networks in reality, there are many ways of making friends on social networks, such as Facebook. One of them is by invitation. Yes, inviting people to our group. And it is not to invite people you know.

It is to invite people. Expressions, in the firm or somewhere in our web site, how: follow me on Twitter, follow me on Facebook, or merely inserted logos of such social networks, which can be access by a simple click, will do that Some people want to follow us. For example, at the end of this same, posted on one of my blogs, I’ve put an invitation to follow me in some social networks. Enterprises virtual century XXI is interesting how, soon many people will be following us in such social networks, what, we should correspond, and due to that I like to be transparent in my writings and guide the best way to my readers, I must warn you that some people that we follow, for example on twitter, are very selective with the people that they, or they are going to follow. Again, it doesn’t matter if you follow them, if they do not consider you worthy of being followed, because you simply cannot continue. In reality, this is not a problem, it is not cause of weeping.