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matrix technology AG accompanied SMEs in the cloud Expert tips in the free cloud white paper IT must respond quicker to requirements of the departments. She must support our business processes better and more flexible! The costs and expenses for maintenance and administration are too high! And then, our hardware is still not even optimally utilised. In the face of such statements, it is not surprising that more and more IT managers in small and medium-sized companies with the idea of playing to take the step into the cloud. “Indeed the time has come for mid-market definitely, really start in the cloud”, confirmed Paul Schuster, Director of business operations at the matrix technology AG, most recently within the framework of the expert event so the middle-class benefits: service design in the age of cloud computing “in Munich. Because the idea of service and therefore the question like IT that can optimally support business puts also at management always further to the fore.” Schuster’s experience for companies of this size, however, have significantly more reservations about cloud services as large corporations, for the cloud computing already is a matter of course.

Just in terms of confidence and responsibility, the loss of personal contact to the provider is still crucial for medium-sized companies. Many SMEs find it still hard with the idea of responsibility to an anonymous interface instead of a personal contact to transfer. We technology AG support the matrix since many years medium-sized and large enterprises during the entire realization of their outsourcing and now cloud projects. Against this background we highly recommend any medium-sized companies, to check the level of maturity of the eligible services before the step in the cloud: covers the functionality with our needs? Integrates the service into our environment? And how is it that Interoperability with other cloud services ordered?

RAW Grill

For men – all about grilling and more than just meat warm make hair, Munich, 24.07.2013 – in the pure away the Franzis Verlag in action summer feeling the book “Fascination crickets” for those who make more than just meat warm”want. The book gives insight into the deep secrets of one of the most important sports equipment of man’s world, not the car, but the grill. An incentive for every Hobbygriller, not only to fob off friends and family, but to pamper and to be a grill master. “The Franzis fascination grilling book” is now available as a free eBook under fascination-Grill-free download. The action is limited to 15 August 2013. Not only fascinating but the book fascination grilling grilling, the passion become ceremony on sunny days.

The authors Rudolf Jaeger and Karsten Ted Aschenbrandt, who both have the grilling to the profession, give a comprehensive overview of variants, material, equipment and tips and tricks for preparing meals in the most conventional manner. The grill is not equal Grill. The work gives an overview of what different models, from which material to apply which fired for which methods are to pamper the palate. Depending on the claim including the properties outlined Grill extensively charcoal grill, gas Grill, electric – and indoor ceramic Grill and smoker. Which food or wood variety flavorful are allocated to the different types of meat, how to authentically prepared a pizza on the grill, at what temperatures the most tender results are experienced tips and tricks for the taste buds. Becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes, wood ovens or smoker, which of course must haves in the imagination. Spoilt for choice in Accessories Accessories is almost removed by the authors with useful tips the reader.

Content extract – energy sources of the grill Overview: wood, charcoal and briquettes, gas and electricity – make your own food: igniters, ignition fireplaces, wood to the coals, produce glow – mechanized warfare on the Grill: cast iron, “Stainless steel, steel, enamel – on the grill it is: grills, pizza and bread bricks, griddle – and steel slabs, planks, wok pan and pan – before and after: the correct setup – the most important Accessories: thermometers, tongs and Turner, holder and basket – grilling on wooden planks, Grill and barbecue types – smoker & wood ovens, mobile grills – electric Grill, because it belongs to – exotic grills and Grill custom builds – tips and tricks for the perfect branding, price and availability the free E-book fascination crickets” is downloadable immediately at fascination-Grill-free. This action is limited to 15 August 2013 title: fascination grilling Publisher: Franzis Verlag authors: Rudolf Jaeger, Karsten Ted Aschenbrandt 256 pages in large format original MSRP: Euro 49.95 ISBN: 978-3-645-20013-4 about Franzis Verlag GmbH: the Franzis book and software publisher, headquartered in Haar near Munich, is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers. The main topics of the company lie in the areas of electronics, Photo software, mobile computing, Web development and model construction. The assortment of Franzis is diverse and ranges of electronic learning packages for beginners about editing software for serious photographers IT developer expertise. The photo trade portal underlines the core competence of the company on the subject of digital photography with special software solutions for HDR photography, RAW data processing, creative image processing solutions, as well as extensive expertise in camera technology and the whole spectrum of photography.

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Institut 2F offers new computer courses in the AZWV area of Munich, the 17.12.09 – I2F Germany is part of a Europe-wide company that specializes in adult education in the computer area. Computer basic courses as well as professional user courses in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpont) and Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux, multimedia, and Web design are offered. With 76 offices in 8 countries, the Institute of 2F is one of the largest training companies in Europe. With modern teaching methods, the company offers a future-oriented training, internationally recognized on the students in a short time quality standards such as Internet and computing core certification (IC m) or the Microsoft Office Specialist – program-oriented, as the needs of the economy into account. Worldwide certifications allow a neutral and consistent evaluation of the learned in our time, increase self-confidence and self confidence and increase application opportunities. With the IC3 (Internet and computing certifications Core certification) and can prove Microsoft Office Specialist practical knowledge and skills in the field of computer, Internet and Office. These two certifications are an excellent basis for further personal development in education, in employment or for further technical or application-oriented certifications and ultimately a decisive competitive advantage in the labor market. 2f was again certified ISO 2001:2008 and AZWV now in December by DEKRA. In the sponsored area (AZWV and road construction) also courses in expression can be offered now in addition to Microsoft Office training Web (Web design) and Linux. Christine Pfeil

Transfer Photos

Step for step shows you in this tutorial, how you can transfer photos of the iPad mini to your computer. YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer is quick and easy photos of the iPad mini on the computer can transfer an iTunes alternative software Wed of you. In this text will explain how you can transfer with iClound and iTransfer photos of the iPad mini to your computer. As the latest Apple device, the iPad mini with good-looking 7-inch tablets must as Google nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD to compete. The iPad mini has a 7.85 inch retina display with a resolution of 1024 x 768, a dual-core processor, a 5 megapixel rear camera and long battery life. The iPad mini to the iPad 3 overtake and be the new Dominator of the Tablet market. With a large display and powerful iSight camera is shooting an exceptional entertainment experience with the iPad mini. In certain situations, the transfer of photos of the iPad mini on the computer seems to be necessary.

Before iPad mini accidentally permanently delete pictures user, can the photos on the computer to the backup transfer. Without a micro SD slot, users have only the possibility to use the internal memory. Should be used up this space, you should have the possibility to transfer photos to the computer. This article explains two methods for the transmission of photos of the iPad mini to your computer. Method 1: using iTunes with iTunes you can save backup photos of the iPad mini on your computer. However, this transfer is not perfect, because iTunes transfers only photos that have been recorded via iPad mini. Should you have to download images from the Internet, you need to find another way for the transfer. IPad mini to your computer step 1: loading the latest version of iTunes download, connect to ensure that iOS 6 devices, like the iPad mini is also supported.

Launch iTunes and connect to the computer via USB the iPad mini. Step 2: Set the location firmly with the control panel you not only choose, what photos you transfer to, but also where on your computer you want to save them. Please select the location. “Step 3: start the photo transfer once you have selected everything, click Start”, to start the transfer of the photos of the iPad mini to your computer. Method two: Transfer with YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer for users who want to transfer also downloaded photos to a computer, there is a third-party app. This is called iTransfer YouTube FLV to AVI. In order to be able to use iTransfer, you should have iTunes installed. Step YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer download 1: to ensure that iOS 6 devices such as iPad mini are detected, download and run the latest versions of YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer and iTunes. Step 2: Choose photos of the iPad mini open you YouTube FLV to AVI iTransfer and click on the tab “Photo” in the control panel. All photos of the iPad mini are now listed. Select all photos you want to transfer from the iPad mini to your computer. Make a right click on the desired images and select my computer “as a destination.

Computer Tables

It is a classic of the furniture industry different designs and functions at desks at the desk. There are now so many different products like never before on the market in this category and each has advantages and disadvantages. It is the cheap mass-produced plastic whether or to the high-quality designer table made of solid wood: it remains hardly a customer request. In the meantime, but also so-called computer tables are well represented. The desk have existed for many centuries. Of course, the former models were costly uniques, which were produced by a single person in many hundreds of hours of work. One notices the products this quality work but also, finally, there are tables that perform today after 200 or even 300 years.

Today, however, it is at the desk usually cheap mass-produced goods and accordingly also the quality goes down. Mostly it is inferior plastic or particle board with foil in Real wood look. That has can but don’t hold with although the advantage that such article are of course much cheaper, is in the approach with high-quality goods in this category. They are often already after a few years due to their appearance no longer to use, because they have scores or because the coating is burst and the ugly look of chipboard comes to the fore. The computer table represents a special case under the desks. It has been designed namely for the work on the PC and offers therefore certain advantages if you must frequently use this electronics article or would like to. Normally, a separate tray that can accommodate the PC is located below the work surface.

Relatively often found also extracts to mouse and/or keyboard. Can pose a great help when working under certain circumstances, in particular with regard to ergonomics. Can pose a great help when working under certain circumstances, in particular with regard to ergonomics. Finally, make Back problems an increasingly important theme dar and for this reason is an ergonomic workspace quite as useful to consider. You can find the best products in this product category very often online. To get lots of information about the furniture online purchase in appropriate journals and of course also in the Internet itself. Due to the higher pressure of competition, and by the fact that pure online retailer can save many rental and staff costs, can be found mostly the best bargains on the Internet. It is of course questionable whether it is always sensible to rely alone on this platform. Finally it is grade ergonomic seat and employment opportunities but also for mattresses, sofas and chairs items that you should test locally before you decide to buy. Those who are so interested in this topic, find plenty of further information in the online area and can make to the own house door provide the article of his choice upon request. Worth noting also the ability to be able to give a better picture of certain items based on customer reviews and so-called product tests. This can be quite useful if one has difficulties in deciding.

Camilo Cross

Memory that from the 17 years always I draw attention subjects of personal overcoming, motivation, law of the attraction and seemed. Memory as much, to repeatedly listen to my collection of audio, Hispanic motivating videos of like Alex dey, Camilo Cross, etc. etc In each audio one that listened, always or in their majority the same principles were repeated. Each author to his style transmitted similar ideas of other authors. He is here where I was listening to audio of the Dr. Learn more about this with Pete Cashmore.

Camilo a Cross. In his audio one he proclaimed the importance of changing our system of beliefs, our way to think. If! , which happens through our mind, the paradigms that daily we put in our lives, to think that we cannot do something, to limit us by some situation in particular, are some of the ideas with which Camilo Cross battled whenever it listened to his audio ones make enter my head and that never forgets to me. Camilo Cross has written many books, programs of audio, video and all of them with the capacity to make a change deep in the life of any person. Robotics is often quoted on this topic. Its book more famoso" Culpa is of the Vaca" in the personnel I leave many valuable lessons, in teaches to us that all we have an immense potential to do what we project, but this potential, is kept, locked up, chained! by our beliefs, reason why we thought.

Camilo Cross exhorts to us to do what we want to obtain teaches to us not to be enslaved of ours missed beliefs. Camilo Cross says to us: " If we thought that he is bad what we are going to do, Indeed is bad, nevertheless if we thought that the action that we are going to take this good, therefore ser" Everything depends than we are believing then, if our beliefs are missed we are going to be making the things bad. Camilo Cross is one of motivating Hispanic the most influential ones for all time, its books, its videos, its audio ones, have allowed many people to be better in which they do. If there is something I learned about our system of beliefs I must to Camilo cross! You have learned something in specific of Camilo Cross? There is an education of Camilo Cross that it has marked for always your life and your way to think? I wait for your commentaries =) Related articles: Speech of Steve Jobs in Standford Overcoming your Giants Original author and source of the article

Computing Search

If you want to take online, you know that get qualified traffic is imprescindibile for your business. When we write an article we climbed to our blog, we are providing our pages of content, and this is the first advantage. Quality content is the body of our site and is of vital importance. All search engines but mostly Google carried out searches of new sites constantly.

This search is performed through an algorithm specific. The whole system is automatic and is prepared to index all the pages that it finds. The search engine indexes all websites that is on its way and placed in the first places those who have better content. That is the reason why is so important that we upload articles every week to our site, since we will be offering content quality and always renewed the search engines and this translates into a better position. While writing an article, we can provide it of incoming links that lead to the pages of our blog and publish them in articles like and many other sites. In few more sites will publish our article more inbound links will be created and this is the second advantage of writing articles. Google rewards sites that feature in addition to quality content, with more inbound links.

Build inbound links is a work of ants that can take months, but if we want to do business online or having a site visited by thousands of people the effort worth it and after a few months we will see the results. Do but especially for those who started in the world of internet, almost always arises the question: which I write or even, how to write it? This aspect will try it in my next article. Success in your endeavors. BlogRoll the advantages of writing how to write an article of promotion Contents of quality how to correctly write an article for your blog part 1 100 advantages of being atheist Vs 100 advantages of being a believer.


Do you already play guitar like Jimi Hendrix? -asked me nothing else to see me to which I had to answer that no, that had decided to not sign up for the course, because also me seemed expensive. It was then when my friend, almost angry, made me see reality told Me the following: after you spend weeks (may that you months) wasting your time and without getting the minor result I recommend the best guitar course which you can find on the Internet thanks to which I myself learned to play the guitar and tell me what you think expensive for less than $50? It is clear: you will never learn to play the guitar. At that moment I realized he was absolutely right, if he was not willing to put more than my part would be difficult. So the next day I bought the course and decided to follow him step by step. The first thing I noticed is that I was much more fail to follow and with explanations much better and lighter than the videos I had seen on learn to play guitar on YouTube almost without noticing I was already by the middle of the course and, above all, he was making progress. At this time, while I write this, I have not finished yet the full course (because it is really very complete and includes so much material and videos I have even for a few days), but I’ve learned a lesson (in addition to learning to play the guitar) at the end: If your teacher or teachers are not professional, if not engaged in that, despite its good intentions never get get to learn how to play the real guitar, as a professional I am already on the right track, why I chose GuitarHero as name to devote myself to another of my big hobbies: writing articles. To simply finish the course of which you have spoken as one of the best options to learn how to play guitar online original author and source of the article I recommend


DISTANCE…! As the force of gravity, dragged by the uncertain fate of weight, so our lives, forking the roads abruptly moved away. Your hand is opened, releasing our souls, to Newton challenging in its concepts, because far from falling is suspended in the silent cry of silence after a silence of death dreams blue birds were lost. Your smile of light and your freshness was recorded at the waterfall of the idea, while a touch of tenderness, froze in the cold of a wait one: why? without answers sowing distresses. And a: perhaps? distances are comforts. Your body and your skin, Moon and fire, all Jasmine aroma permeates, and to extend my hands in the absence, caressing the image that does not find. What!!! Of magic one day we share! What!!! Of dreams woven in chimeras! What!!! Of your hands tied to the mine! What!!! Of poems, no one who reads them! It will rest your body on Roses, in death without death that I have given you, and you’re without be, everywhere, clamped to my arms and in my prose. In a lunar ray will see your eyes, and each star your laugh festive; They anudaran to wind your hands with my hands; beats my heart without their heartbeat! Distance! Ay! Distance without forgetting! Distance! Ay! Distance! Simply with love I, you have overcome! Blogs relating to New skin Frama leather cases for Apple iPad PDA-247 magazine Fusion Blog Archive presents Chenoa defying the Oil diffuser in ocean breeze scent, by Ashleigh & Burwood Extension of arms LAS leaks in the TEMPORALITY (photos and TokyoHits hand Erina Love & Peace = Paradise photos spy: Opel Astra ST saw defying the elements Cars to ecotourism in Coahuila? Aroma AWK-115S Cordless Water Kettle For Sale Vcheapprice ROCKET STOCK. AMBICA AGARBATHIES & FRAGRANCE INDUSTRIES Ltd At 13.9 Video: exercise for arms with dumbbells Nutri diet


In several articles, I’ve talked about the need for narcissistic people have narcissistic build their relationships through measures of seduction. This seduction has to do with the charm, with the attraction, with a lure and of course, that always has to go in the opposite direction, they expect adulation, flattery and admiration. Seduction does not occur in a vacuum need a mail merge. Not only of the couple, but also of all the people that surrounds. Seduction, courtship, the verbiage are their weapons of what, of manipulation and you admire them and shine like Suns in any situation. If there is no brightness there are no emotions in relationships, and much less on the couple. Now, I will refer to some of the ways in which the narcissistic love used in relationships that establish: the first point is victimized: in relations with the narcissistic, there is always a victim, and that is the couple. Requires minimize to the maximum, otherwise, he or she could not show his superiority and greatness.

It is a misleading that it always confuses the couple, because on one hand it is admired, look on the other, totally desvalorizada. The second aspect is the humiliation: denigrate and devaluing the couple achieved through this stance. Most importantly, this happens when least expected and deal with situations that have no value. They are often contradictory and feel bearers of truth and morality. Any element is therefore worthy to be humiliated. In some ways, once achieved the shame of the couple, the battle has won, because that gives them power. Confusion then, becomes a way of dealing with the pain. The third tool is to blame: becomes the oppressor of the relationship and always the attitudes of the couple are passed by a standard of what he considers his morality. Yes no adapts to these judgments, the couple, you will suffer the vicissitudes of shame, humiliation and guilt.