Credential Institutions

Exactly thus, the strong digital exclusion seems not to influence so little in the involved pupils with long-distance Education (EAD) in the Maranho and, in the investments of institutions of superior education for the development of long-distance courses. In accordance with Burgardt (2007) the maranhense State is in 11 place in pupils registered credential long-distance courses of superior education for the MEC, being 3 northeast. Another important pointer for this analysis numbers is it of credential institutions for EAD in the Maranho and that they possess fixed headquarters in the proper State. In accordance with the System of Consultation of Credential Institutions for long-distance Education and polar regions of actual support (SIEAD) is verified that the region is attended by five institutions: University center of the Maranho (UNICEUMA), College of the Maranho (THEY MAKE It to ME), Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Maranho (IFMA), State University of the Maranho (UEMA) and Federal University of the Maranho (UFMA) that they possess an increasing picture of 185 polar regions distributed by almost all interior of the State. For Burgardt (2007) the intense presence of the polar regions of the promotional institutions of EAD for the interior of the State can at a distance justify the excellent maranhense position of pupils registered superior course, but it substantially does not contribute for magnifying of the modality on-line. In its majority, the pupils opt to the activities developed through teleconferncia 5, teleaula, vdeoaula or materials printed matters offered in these polar regions next to its residences, generally in the ends of weeks with the presence of a tutor. Differently, the modality on-line faces difficulties to spread out itself in the same ratio, exactly with the public institutions offering laboratories in its polar regions in the interior. In many places, where the social inaqualities influence strong in the digital exclusion, the computer still is seen as a full newness of distrusts and preconceptions.

Its restricted use in these centers influences the modality negative since many nor know Internet, and they use it correctly to few. As a factor that makes it difficult the development of the dynamic of the education on-line elapses of the limitations in the infrastructure techniques, essentially of the lack of other forms of transmission of the Internet. With already it was said, these polar regions are for majority of the pupils the only place for the contact with web, that they depend demasiadamente on the transmission saw radio (Satellite, mobile modem etc.). This form of access to the net is an alternative sufficiently used, main

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