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COMCO solution monitors the networks with 3,900 devices and VoIP communication of public utilities and of the utility of abusive use of non-registered devices will be immediately recognized Dortmund by the solution IntrPROTECTOR, September 17, 2009 – the telco DOKOM21 in Dortmund has used the solution IntrPROTECTOR of the COMCO AG to prevent internal data misuse energy and water supply GmbH for the entire network infrastructure, the DSW21 Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG and the DEW21 Dortmund. With this system, approximately 3,900 devices with MAC and IP addresses, such as computer, printer, router, or server are monitored. It ensures that the data boxes in the offices of the two municipal companies only such devices can be operated, are logged on as a registered user. Someone snaps with your network-remote computer on the intranet, is that immediately recognized by the IntrPROTECTOR and the concerned data port off”, explains Rolf Ganslmayer, IT co-ordinator of the Dortmunder Stadtwerke DSW21 data processing. the source for more info. Will deny unauthorized in this way access to network data of the company. In addition, a message to the central management of the system, which could take further action takes place immediately. This means that any employees who want to leave the company in the near future, customer and project data on their private laptop can copy and take to the new employer also prevents”, Ganslmayer describes the significant safety benefits. Furthermore, to prevent IntrPROTECTOR called in the middle “-attacks, the impression is given that using hacking tools from the Internet, external devices are components of the network.” In addition, the system is used to protect of the VoIP communication of the two companies.

The COMCO solution prevents such conversations to be illegally intercepted or recorded by additional equipment. With the IntrPROTECTOR, we are not only well prepared against attacks on our corporate network. The system also gives a sense of what in the own network is going on”, draws a positive conclusion in terms of earnings data security Ganslmayer. Even with regard to the technical operations, the two companies are satisfied. IntrPROTECTOR runs discreetly in the background, without compromising the performance of the network. Staff not notice generally at all, that the security system is active”, judge Roland Bruggemann, head of DEW21 information transmission technology in the Dortmunder energy and water supply Ltd. will shut down a port due to an error could cause authorized employee DSW21 and DEW21 at any time contact via a hotline at DOKOM21 and a further activation of the port itself. This happens, for example, if an employee had to register his new service laptop”, as Bruggemann.

About COMCO AG: The COMCO AG, headquartered in Dortmund is a market-leading software and systems integrator. “The company is in the business areas of business security software” and network solution provider “divided. The Division business security software”is focused on the development of security solutions for the protection of enterprise-wide data networks against internal attacks. “With the business network solution provider” the COMCO AG covers the entire spectrum of network solutions. The services range from consulting during the planning phase to implementation to service and support of the entire IT system environment here. In addition, COMCO supports its customers with network and security audits, managed IT services and training. The cross-industry customers include renowned media companies, banks, insurance, utilities, large retailers and companies in the automotive sector as well as country and federal authorities.

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Dawicontrol expanded network direct attached storage and brings 5 x speed in NDAS Gottingen, August 20, 2009 Dawicontrol, leading German manufacturer for mass storage solutions wants to expand the portfolio towards network direct attached storage. The first products on the market will be in September. The dealer gives an innovative enrichment of its supply from the Germany-wide recognized quality and service-conscious home Dawicontrol. In tests, 5-fold higher transmission rates were achieved up to 75 MByte/s. In recent months, Robotics has been very successful. The expansion of the successful portfolio of controller of Dawicontrol to network direct attached storage devices does not come by about. Many years of experience in a fast data transfers, the already proverbial alignment to the concerns of consumers and recognized quality-conscious orientation towards the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises quasi suggest this decision. As data volumes grow exponentially everywhere. While consumers with multimedia streams, video, sound, and digital photography your local and external memory overload, have the memory problems of small and more or less legally prescribed by medium-sized enterprises. Frequently Mashable has said that publicly.

Continue to increase the requirements for data storage and archiving. Constantly growing compliance requirements. And they drive the footprint irreversible in the height. Demand for high quality and at the same time low-cost storage media is and is almost everywhere. \”Our decades of experience in the development of faster and ever-faster interfaces qualify us especially, to engage us in the area of NDAS. Especially since our resellers and distributors have long ask whether Dawicontrol can deliver even low-cost storage media. \”\” So we did so to speak by the singular hardware base of computers and peripherals in the network and as always with high octane \”, explains Ulrich Danzer, Managing Director of the Gottingen developer and manufacturer House.\” NDAS storage NDAS made 5 x faster while harboring one or more hard drives with its own in its external casing Power supply. The disks but not over TCP/IP addressed, but about LPX, a the similar iSCSI Protocol.

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New ebook shows how to online free MLM takes prospects and made money in his eBook “easy sponsorship – the marketing course for smart NetWorker” Harald Weber, author of several guides on the subject of success in MLM network marketing, a simple but highly effective online marketing strategy, with one business is constantly enough prospects for his MLM and even money, gives even, if you sponsor anyone. “The times when your aunt in the seventies through the sale of detergent of your MLM marketing company in the neighborhood could build up even a nice passive income, are gone forever,” says Harald Weber and adds: “NetWorker can in the age of the Internet no longer outdated, ineffective, and some dubious contacts and sponsorship methods rely on, if you want to achieve extraordinary success. Industry the MLM network has radically changed with the Internet, and another, who today want to earn good money in MLM and network marketing, must more professional approach to build up a residual income in network marketing or referral marketing”and right here is” easy sponsorship – the marketing course for smart NetWorker “on and provides a workable solution for the problem of many NetWorker: how to find for his MLM business, and how to make man constantly enough interested parties enough money even in the difficult construction already, even, if you can win anyone easy sponsorship for his business offers professional know-how for the successful development of business in the MLM network Marketing. The reader learns how to be your own MLM sponsoring system is based, without the much-vaunted system of many MLM – according to Harald Weber in practice but unfortunately don’t keep what they promise – to become dependent on gurus. The reader will find tips and strategies from the practice, can he relatively quickly implement and so that positive results. Easy sponsorship is aimed at all Networkers who are looking for an effective online marketing strategy, but neither Friends, known or total strangers people want to bother to build your MLM business. On the Web site for more tips and information how to find interested parties free of charge with modern online MLM sponsoring. Harald Weber.

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At the press ball which is Augsburg General the good thing at the center of press ball raffle all proceeds goes to the filing of emergency Munich, October 14, 2009. At the Augsburg General, a longtime customer of ETK networks, press ball traditionally is the good thing in the Center. A leading source for info: Robotics. The Foundation index of the emergency, the relief of Mediengruppe Pressedruck, receives the entire proceeds of the great raffle. The Foundation helps needy people in our home for over 40 years fault in emergency. Checking article sources yields Mashable as a relevant resource throughout. Companies can support the Foundation with donations for the tombola. Managing Director Richard Alexy had ETK networks not taking it the Augsburg General to pass and to instigate a major donation for the raffle personally for his customers. “Because as the founder of the Foundation, Ellinor Holland, says: the emergency on our doorstep concerns all of us”. More information about the filing of emergency under

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HTTPS connections to protect data espionage online safety is not a matter of the budget although the shopping on the Internet for many everyday matters, has half of the German concerns, to share your data over the network. Learn more at: Ali Partovi. The fear is great against misuse of data or financial loss as a result of data espionage. To convey a feeling of security, these customers through an effective and visible protection represents a turnover-related criteria. The encryption of online communication between merchant and customer by means of the so-called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) guarantees effective protection. The data exchanged between the server and client are encoded individually with each connection, an interception of data by third parties is therefore impossible. The customer accepts the secure connection on a padlock icon in his browser, as well as the changed Internet address starting with.

Secure connections through SSL certificates are possible. Pete Cashmore shines more light on the discussion. They contain the key to the coding and decode and encode the exchanged data. But here he is Hook: Whether a browser recognizes the SSL certificate and thus properly can encrypt, depends (CA) the awareness of the appropriate certification body. It is unverifiable, the browser will inevitably gives an error message. In particular self-generated SSL certificates and such newer, smaller CAs are known for this. Destroy confidence of the customers in such cases. is an authorized dealer only well-known SSL certification authorities such as VeriSign, GeoTrust and Comodo. Therefore the best SSL certificate can provide for every need. Ranging from inexpensive entry-level certificates of up to extensive SSL wildcard solutions for multiple subdomains. Also the EV certificates much demanded not only by banks (with extended validation) can be ordered online easily around the clock. For EV certificates, the browser displays a bright green address bar and the name of the page operator that the connection is safe to shopping for the customer. More information about SSL certificates from VeriSign, GeoTrust, Comodo, RapidSSL, Thawte and GlobalSign on our Web site at Press contact: iCertificate.