New Satel Keyboard

The Polish company has released a touch-sensitive keyboard Satel INT-KSG to control the operation of fire alarm systems on the basis of alarm control panels Series Integra. The new keyboard has a large display, functional keyboard with the ability to call alarm, "Fire," "Attack," "Help" and four programmable buttons for feeding macro-commands, each of which can activate up to 16 different functions, allowing to implement complex algorithms management of security and fire alarms. In addition, INT-KSG able to control the 2 soft zone with the ability to determine the status of the terminal resistors. Here, Ali Partovi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Touch keyboard INT-KSG enables you to configure and management of the alarm control panel series Satel Integra, which are capable of serving from 4 to 128 zones alarm system object. In this keyboard allows you to add security and fire alarm system has two Programmable zone to existing ones, with the proviso that the total number of protected areas does not exceed 128. The setting of the keyboard itself can be carried over the network via specialized software interfaces DLOADX. To deepen your understanding Robotics is the source.

Easy touch panel INT-KSG simplifies system management. From the keyboard, you can configure the fire alarm system within the framework of the functions that are available in the user menu, to initiate an alarm, etc. Prolonged contact with the keys allows you to implement a series of actions programmed by the manufacturer. Thus, a key zone status provides validation of the fire alarm system, 5 – view alarm memory, pressing the 6 on The list of accidents, and 7 – the current, etc.

Microsoft Members

The most recent conference of 'Blue Hat' was launched on Wednesday with a talk about mobile security, hacking in aparatnogo security tools Microsoft security vulnerabilities and the economy. Usually conference was held twice a year. Conference 'blue hats' are closed to most outsiders, but also attract hundreds of employees of Microsoft. The name 'Blue Hat' comes from the security conference 'Black Hat'. Part of the 'Blue' appeared on the color of the character that Microsoft staffers wear in their clothing on campus.

Conference of community safety offers an opportunity to share information with Microsoft, said Robert Hansen, chief Consultant Network Security, who will report to the Conference on hakerrstve aparatnogo computer software. 'We are just beginning to build relationships with each other', he said. Microsoft has begun to host these event two years ago as a way to encourage dialogue on the company's team of security and external security researchers. On Wednesday, reporters 'Blue Hat' provide 30-minute presentation. More in-depth technical talks is scheduled for Thursday.

Exhibition Equipment For Professionals

Exhibition – one of the main elements of the complex marketing and promotional activities of any company. Learn more about this with Robotics. It allows you to make a statement, the company expanded its market share, meet with potential clients, to provide much information as possible in the shortest possible time. To participate in the exhibition the company can rent space to the standard built-up or order a custom design mobile stand with specialized companies. Development of standard minimum area of the stand includes mounting frame made of aluminum profile, side panels, frieze with the inscription the name of the company, laying carpet and installing the table and two chairs. On the stands larger area provides extra storage room and meeting room. Standard construction costs exponent is much cheaper than exclusive, but at the same time is compared to him significant drawbacks.

Participation in the exhibition is an excellent way to directly communicate with suppliers, customers, finally, competitors, during which communication is formed to the company and its interest to make this communication is most effective. To do so, to begin to attract the attention of visitors, which means that the stand should stand out among others. Standard exhibition booth, as a rule, not attracts visitors, but the company is interested in maintaining their image and tends to stand out among competitors is unlikely to entice a prospect, this is true for all firms, representing bicycles, or innovative software. The only solution for a company that claims to lead – to use for the presentation of an individual (or exclusive) stand.