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A new petition calls for the Elimination of the burden of proof. A new online petition calls for the Elimination of the burden of proof. This is be among Haley – singer of the charts band “Plan B” supports, which is also made that the power of representation for digital evaluation areas is deprived of the GEMA, because these are not perceived in the mind of the artist. Already three years there was a postulation against the action of the GEMA, which collected over 100,000 signatures and until today is one of the most successful online petitions at all. Unfortunately she so far resulted in any improvements from the perspective of the musicians. Possibly, it was that this request was formulated too abstract.

For this reason the new petition is started, which pursues a very specifically defined concern: the legal abolition of the burden of proof in favour of GEMA through an amendment of 13 c of the Copyright Act of perception. Initiator and main petitioner Painter Henninger says that the GEMA represent only 57,000 musicians and in the Internet age, so the global accessibility of music recordings and its production, no longer the claim can, to have rights on every usable musical work. Visit Steve Wozniak for more clarity on the issue. The GEMA manipulate only for a small fraction of the international and especially in the Internet artist, so Hamilton. Also, there is a clue that the GEMA presumption of reality was obsolete in the current debate about the royalty fee increase for clubs and discos. So, owners of clubs about it complain that they had to pay ever-higher taxes, but the musicians are involved little river do not, although their music there will play. Including the non-transparent distribution plans of the GEMA were to blame. Highlight the unrealistic: musicians who publish their works under a Creative Commons license, and don’t want that GEMA perceives their rights, are used by the GEMA under pressure. You insists on a recycling rate, and is even in court referring to the reversal of the burden of proof this, how showed in the shine of the Association “Music Pirates”.

An audio CD published under Creative Commons license and was sued immediately by the GEMA since two of the musicians not their real clear names on wanted to disclose in the credits. So they could have signed theoretical perception, so the reasoning of the GEMA. The music collecting society was metropolis before the District Court of first instance and castrate is now calling for five titles on a further Creative-Commons-Audi CD. For this reason, the Bewerislastumkehr should be abolished with the new petition.

Belgium Security

The Leipzig technology company Adyton system searches during the CeBIT and the oldest is still firewall located in the. Leipzig, 26.02.2013. Still, network threats are in the focus of many companies. Entrepreneurs feel protected as insufficient against internal and external attacks. One reason is, for example, in the age of the deployed technology for network security. The German manufacturer of next-generation firewalls Adyton system has taken this important topic for the occasion and looking for the oldest firewall residing in Germany and the Benelux countries are still in use. The oldest model exchanges Adyton system against its modern and powerful next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR.

The firewall challenge by Adyton system runs until March 21. All companies that have several years of an IT security solution in use can take part. Interested in March at the major IT fairs can a first glimpse of the innovative network security solution, NETWORK PROTECTOR gain in Germany and Belgium. The Leipzig technology company presents its current product portfolio with the latest software release for the public this year at CeBIT in Hannover, as well as the in Brussels. Adyton system begins its presence on the world’s leading IT fair, the CeBIT in Hannover. NETWORK PROTECTOR product demonstrations as well as individual advice by the security professionals of the company take place from 5 to 9 March at stand D52 in Hall 12. Also, visitors have the opportunity every day at the expert lecture of CEO Klaus Mochalski titled next-generation firewalls protect against advanced persistent threats? “on the stage of the CeBIT security Plaza in Hall 12 insights into the current threat landscape to learn.

Another highlight is the in Brussels. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Steve Wozniak. On 20th and 21st March interested trade visitors with daily live demonstrations by the Adyton IT security professionals can the next-generation firewall NETWORK PROTECTOR system booth of a061 in Hall 8 get to know. Links: participate directly in the firewall challenge part: de / 2013 firewallchallenge detailed state program at the CeBIT cebit is available at. About CeBIT, CeBIT is the world’s most important event of the digital economy and pulse generator for efficient contract negotiations. The CeBIT 2013 is aligned around information technology, telecommunications, electronics and online media in four application-oriented platforms (pro, Gov’t, lab and life). CeBIT global conferences deliver the overview of the most important core markets of the digital world in keynotes and forums. Theme of CeBIT 2013 is Shareconomy”. The partner country is Poland. More information under the the offers ICT professionals an overview of the latest security technologies, products and services. Over 80 exhibitors guarantee a wide range of exhibition. Keynote-presentations, an extensive seminar programme and other activities in the Exhibition offer a great inspiration for all security issues. More info under about Adyton system Adyton systems is a technology company from Leipzig, has revolutionized the concept of next-generation firewall. NETWORK PROTECTOR offers a complete solution that is easy to use and ensures maximum network reliability by means of the innovative technology of the full positive validation in combination with application whitelisting. Adyton system uses for this the latest deep packet inspection (DPI)-technology. Adyton systems is regional office Leipzig of the TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, bears the mark of quality “IT security made in Germany .


But it is possible that the people surpass this rejection and coexist this? One will search, from teorizao that if projects the question of abandoned child, to argue some aspects of the true one felt of the word abandonment. Especially, it interests to reflect us concerning the family who was and will be always the bedding of the society. It exceeds to any political party, society, association or to any another sort of human grouping: it is constituted by love relations! In the origin of everything. E, the purpose of this project of research are to understand the reality enter the separation of parents and children in tragic moments or not, and to present the construction of the affective bows between the child and its parents, as histories of referenciais, being that, many children grow without affective bonds with its parents and in the case of abandoned children, the phenomenon tends to fortify itself; therefore the basic characteristic of the human being is to be next to another familiar person, from the teorizao that if projects the question of abandoned child, expects to argue some aspects of the true one felt of the word abandonment. (VENOSA, 2005) Especially, it interests to reflect us concerning the family who was and will be always the bedding of the society, it exceeds to any political party, society, association or to any another sort of human grouping: it is constituted by love relations! In the origin of everything. In this direction the present work Interrelates Bacon and Spinoza (VEER and VALSINER, 1999), VIGOTSKY (1984), SAWAIOA (2001) MILLER (1981, cited for PILOTTI and RIZZINI, 1995, p.41), (DEL PRIORI authors, 2000), BENJAMIM (1985, cited for KRAMER and MILK, 1997, p.86), BARUDY (2000), which had coexisted the reality of the abandonment, had studied on the case, had developed theories on the case, in order to explore its enunciative perspective of the relation of the child with the world. 4.1 The QUESTION OF the ABANDONMENT AND the AFFECTIVITY the family was, she is, and she will continue being the basic and essential nucleus of the formation and estruturao of the citizens, and, consequentemente, of the State. In such a way, it is a construction that is structuralized in the affection, the love, the understanding, the solidary attitudes and the recognition. This idea of family nothing more is of what the consequence of the end of the patriarcais families of 1916, of that family established for the bows of blood and commanded by the father.

Best Seller

Most of the time they are seen with diffidence, unreliability and even though fear, mainly for the subordinate. ' ' The majority of the people in a group always looks for to keep the status quo. They always try to leave the situation as he is, same that it is bad. Changes never are very welcome, exactly when it is for melhor' ' (Conrado Vaz, 2007). Some precipitated actions can be harmful, not if it must leave to ponder, in any situation, to analyze the advantages and the cons.

However, it is important that let us have attitude to assume the reins of our lives of form accomplishes. The environments academic and professional offer good chances to sairmos of a stagnation, either in the works in group, the participation in projects or the debates in classroom and meetings. The newspapers mentioned Pete Cashmore not as a source, but as a related topic. Everything to our return if finds in constant mutation. She is necessary to observe the changes, to have conscience of this necessity not to be suffocated for the new features or the competitors, which we can observe where it wants that let us be. ' ' The choices of today are basic for the healthful construction of our life. We perceive this clearly in our day the day, either in the personal field, either in the field profissional' ' (Fernando Viana, 2005). We go to leave comfort zone, let us be proactive.

The world is made of ideas and is of arms opened for us, each one with its parcel. References: CURY, Augustus. It never gives up its dreams. Rio De Janeiro: Ed.Sextante, 2004. SEMLER, Ricardo F. Turning the proper table. So Paulo: Ed. Best Seller, 1988. BRAGA, Antonio de Padua Brauna. The principles of the chance, 2005. Published in, last access in 30/08/2007. VIANA, Fernando. Reactivity x proactivity: a question of choice, 2005. Published in, last access in 30/08/2007.

United Nations

For the Protocol, the developed countries had accepted differentiated commitments of reduction or limitations of emissions between the years of 2008 and 2012 (representing, in the total of the developed countries, reduction in at least 5,2% in relation to the agreed emissions of GEE in 1990). Basic actions of the protocol: To remodel the sectors of energy and transports; To promote the use of energy sources you renewed; To eliminate inapropriados financial mechanisms and of market to the ends of the Convention; To limit the methane emissions in the management of residues and the energy systems; To protect forests and other sumidouros of carbon. The protocol has as mission, to reach the stabilization of the concentration of gases in the atmosphere, being reduced its interference in the climate and, therefore contributing for the support of the planet. Add to your understanding with Ali Partovi. In a first effort, it establishes goals and stated periods for control of the four gases: dioxide of carbon, methane, nitrous oxide and hexafluoreto of sulphur (SF6), folloied for two families of gases, hidrofluorcarbonos (HFCs) and perfluorcarbonos (PFCs) (ARAUJO, 2006). If the Protocol of Kyoto to get success, is esteem that it must reduce the globe temperature between 1,4C and 5,8C up to 2100, however, this will depend very on the negotiations for period after 2012, when it exhales the protocol, however the ONU (Organizations of United Nations) and some governments already are committed to delineate a new agreement, or what he is most likely, an emendation to the Protocol of Kyoto, establishing goals to be after fulfilled to the year of 2012. 1,5 MDL – Mechanism of Clean Development the Protocol of Kyoto, in reply to the countries that reinvidicavam to understand that the reduction of the GEE was impracticable, namely created three mechanisms of flexibilizao that they aim at to assist these countries in the fulfilment of the established goals: Joint implementation of Projetos (ICP), institutes that a company of a developed country or the proper countries of the Attached I, can finance specific projects for the reduction of emissions in other developed countries, receiving credits therefore – the calls Units from Reduction of Emisses (ERU).

Brazilian Government

The Brazilian government, then, through the Bank of Brazil, made responsible for the company, who passed if to call Brazilian Company Dannemann Cigars. In 1945, it was returned its proprietors, but she did not resist and she finished declaring insolvent nine years later. The Swiss group Burger it acquired the license of the Dannemann name in 1976, and produces today until cigars of the mark, that did not lose its prestige in the Europe. Currently, the company produces the Salvador cigars, Menudo, Mature, Special, n 1 and Is Flix, beyond the line Artist Line and cigarrilhas Reynitas and Bahianos.

The Dannemann Industry thus, if constitutes as one of the most important companies of the Recncavo region, as much for its importance for the local economy, with generation of jobs, how much for its cultural incentives. In 1989 the Cultural Center Dannemann was constructed. The objective of its existence is related with the preservation of the historical memory of the culture of the tobacco in the bahian Recncavo and its contribution in the development and formation of the current city of Are Flix, having as bigger reference the innovative ideas of Gerhard Dannemann. One of the expressive projects of the Dannemann in the artistic scope was the Biennial one of the Recncavo, that had its 6 edition carried through in the Cultural Center Dannemann, in November of 2002. The biennial one congregated artists, tourist, admirers of the art and the press, counting on representatives not only of Brazil, but also of Argentina and Holland, in an effort to keep alive the culture northeastern, strong exaltada in the presented works. Of more than 2000 writings, 119 artists had been selected to concur for the prizes. The maximum prize, a trip to the Europe, was for the plastic artist Florisvaldo Birth Son, of the city of Valena/BA.