Japanese Creative Director Midori Ikematsu

Applicants from all over the world must demonstrate a Bachelor’s degree in addition to a several years experience as a peak force in media, journalism or marketing. The first awarding of the scholarship by Lurzer’s archive was 2010 on Karen Cesar of Rio de Janeiro, founder and CEO of Red bandana design. 2011 the Japanese Creative Director Midori Ikematsu, received the Fellowship in 2013 Christina Stocker, senior Conceptioner at Hubert Burda Media. Learn more about the scholarship and the Executive MBA program are available on the website of the Berlin school for creative leadership: programs/exec-mba at creative-leadership/emba-scholarships/luerzers archives scholarship / Lurzer’s archive, Lurzer’s archive is the bimonthly trade magazine for exceptional advertising from all over the world. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Wozniak by clicking through. Posters, ads, TV commercials, digital and interactive advertising will be presented. The editor-in-Chief is Michael Weinzettl, Christian Lurzer is CEO of the publishing house.

The magazine since its inception by Prof. Walther Lurzer applies in the year 1984 as one of the most important information and sources of inspiration for advertisers around the world. To broaden your perception, visit Sinovation Ventures. It is distributed in 68 countries in the subscription, the selected book and press trade. In addition, you can read the magazine as a digital version on iPad and iPhone. Around the world it reaches over 150,000 readers per issue. Subscribers have access to Lurzer’s online archive, which contains more than 65,000 images and video files via. Since 2004, Lurzer’s archive 200 best brings “series out.

The volumes nominated remarkable work, at regular intervals including from advertising photography, digital artists, illustration and packaging design. More information: of the Berlin School of creative leadership the Berlin School of creative leadership at Steinbeis University Berlin is one of the world’s leading institutes for quality management training and research on creative leadership. Founded in 2006, brings Berlin school through an interdisciplinary approach Top creative and international experts to the leadership from around the world together to promote new standards in communication and leadership in media, entertainment, advertising, design, journalism and marketing. Core of the Berlin school is an Executive MBA in creative leadership, a global two-year part-time course for executives in Berlin and other hotspots of the creative industries such as New York, Shanghai and Tokyo. In addition to the Executive MBA, it promotes Berlin school open dialogue within the creative scene with public lectures, seminars and workshops that address today’s problems of the creative industry. The Berlin School offers also special open programs (non-degree), the Cannes creative leaders programme, as well as customized programs.


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MODELS FOR THE GAME In terms of environmental management, this should cover all elements of the organization, this means establishing an integrated system is the attention to the environment as a factor in competitiveness. This must be an inseparable part of the overall management system of any entity, which, supported by a continuous improvement model will guide the organization towards achieving or maintaining their environmental policy. From a model, as symbolic and simplified representation of a phenomenon or object of reality can be a procedure to indicate the solution to the problems present in that area of reality.Management is no stranger to the benefits they offer to structure models of action. Some models of environmental management of this author has been concerned are: Mediombiental Excellence Model (MEM) of Miguel ngel Rodr guez-Badal and Joan Enric Ricart (1998): This model arose from the idea that the environment was, at the gates of the century, a challenge which should be good to have a tremendous positive impact on the ability of firms to adapt and cope with changing and increasing success demands of society. In this sense, the MEM was born in the image and likeness of the models in the field of total quality are used by leading companies worldwide as important drivers of improved management. This model constitutes a framework in which companies carry out self-diagnostic processes of environmental management in various areas or actions that are developed, culminating in the development and implementation of relevant plans for improvement. Total Stakeholder Analysis (TSA) by Marc J. Epstein (2000): It is a management model of comprehensive analysis of the impact or influence decisions on interest groups in the organization (stakeholders). This requires identifying, measuring and reporting the benefits and costs for different stakeholders of the environmental impacts of processes, products or services generated by the organization. Management Model of ISO 14001 (2004): One of the environmental management systems more diffused, strongly influenced by the ISO 9000.It is based on philosophies of continuous improvement and strategic approach and system. It applies to all types and sizes of organizations, with appropriate adjustments. A system of this kind enables an organization to establish and evaluate procedures for declaring a policy and environmental objectives, achieve conformity with them and show compliance to others. The overall objective of this model is to support environmental protection and the prevention of pollution in balance with socioeconomic needs.Although it is not conducting an environmental analysis as a requirement for certification of this rule if it is considered important to establish improvement plans

TAS Speed

Air navigation to esteem, is a teecnica of flying a plane from a point A to a point B at a distance in a certain time. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate all parameters such as the speed with respect to the mass of the air, the wind that us will affect during the trajectory and so be able to calculate the speed with respect to the GS field as well as elevations to calculate or estimate the altitude you are going to fly an estimated. For more information see this site: Pete Cashmore. With all this we calculate the time that we are going to take to fly and therefore fuel estimated spend. On the web public’s information of basic knowledge of navigation gathered in a file of Power point. Ali Partovi oftentimes addresses this issue. It contains information as concepts of winds, directions and speed of the plane as well as types of speeds, triangle of velocities, correction of drift, ETAS, TAS and GS, route correction to solve all kinds of problems with the wind crossed through trigonometric calculations for navigation to esteem.