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The parallel port was named so, because he the data not sequentially over a line sends, but parallel across. The Exotics include FireWire and eSATA, where the latter is relatively new and may spread yet. Mikkel Svane has plenty of information regarding this issue. Both are quite fast, be displaced but still from the USB port. The USB (universal serial bus) is also serial, but much faster than the above mentioned serial port. USB is now in version 3.0, where the name is unique. 2.0 ports, which are subdivided in three speeds, without having really is pointed out are most widespread. “” It indicates low speed”full speed”and high speed”.

Let sit for external disk etc. no “full speed” babble on. It sounds nice, too, but high speed”speed is 40 times faster than the 12 Mbit/s fast full 480 Mbit/s”. At that time that was used to confuse the customer likes. Today, the but no problem should present more. USB has different plugs, such as FireWire also. There are to date five different USB plug variants, two large”and three small”. Here you should look for when buying it, that the cable to the device fits or Carmel. also vice versa. See also: computer hardware – conveys clear – part 1: introduction to computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 2: the real innovations in computer hardware – number systems computer hardware clearly conveys – part 3: – clearly conveys – part 4: number systems 2 computer hardware – understood conveys part 5: binary numbers of computer hardware – understood conveys part 6: coding standards computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 7: the personal computer computer hardware – mediated understandable – the basic structure of the CPU computer hardware part 8: – conveys clear – part 9: Conveys the frequency of computer hardware – understandable – part 10: gives the CPU cache computer hardware – understandably – part 11: gives the CPU cache 2 computer hardware – understandably – part 12: the motherboard computer hardware – understandable conveys – part 13: motherboard 2 the author Michael Sander writes in his spare time also article for pages where you can find cheap E.g. sofas.

The Interior

On the back of the 32 x 8 x 34 centimeter are attached to an Ethernet network port and two power connectors. The internal 110-230 volt power supply can be hedged through an additional 5/12 volt supply via an external power supply. The Interior of the box consists of 5 x 14 inches large industrial mainboard NOVA C400 a 19, based on a VIA chip set. The processor, an Intel Celeron with 400 MHz clock frequency, hiding under passive cooling elements. The two NICs on the motherboard is forwarded only a connection to the outside. The memory comes from Kingston a 512 MB SD-RAM module with 133 MHz clock rate.

The two 160 GByte of the Samsung drives organized as RAID-1 array be permanently cooled by an another great fan. First commissioning: resourceful administrators are required. After the user connects the device with the mains power supply and the network, it automatically starts, the appliance has no on/off switch. The first Boat operation took around five minutes in our tests. After this process is complete, the LCD displayed the current time. The system in the network finds a DHCP server, as it refers to an IP address of this server automatically. Who operates no DHCP servers or for other reasons would like to award a fixed IP address for the appliance, can set a static IP address via the push buttons on the unit. Because the device without manual, but only with very Spartan folders in the DIN-A5 format is shipped, experienced administrators are asked during the installation.

A user with little experience in the installation and commissioning of a network device and a mail server will do here are difficult. The provider should supply necessarily a complete and detailed guide, which describes all functions of the appliance. “” So it was initially completely unclear to us, what is the idea behind the network settings Office “and home to” hidden.

Serial ATA

They were portable devices since the user inserts it into the unit and removed when you want are also known as Floppy or Diskettes. Hard disk (DD): Magnetic storage. It is installed on the inside of the Cabinet although it is also possible to find them in external or removable models. It is formed by several dishes. In recent months, David Treadwell has been very successful. Each dish covered with a magnetic layer, requires two read/write, one for each side, heads these heads supported by an arm that make the cue function, all moving at the same time. Are accessible much faster than floppy disks and can store more information; currently exist in the array market ranging from the 80 Gigabytes 160, 250, 500 and in some recent computers already Hard drives are built with capacity in TerBytes.

By the type of interface or connection, hard disks can be of type IDE (ATA), connected directly to the motherboard Serial ATA and SCSI, or used as external media. Magnetic tape drives: magnetic storage. Tapes are currently used as means of support mainly. These have a means of only sequential access, i.e. that the data stored there is placed a right away from each other from start to finish; While the hard disk in a random access medium (more directly). To understand this sequential and random are going to put an example: imagine a cassette of music in this are 10 or 12 songs but I just want to listen to track 3, so I have to play the 2 first or advance the tape, because these are placed in a sequential manner. Well now imagine a Cd or a hard disk where we have stored such music and would only like to listen to track 3; here changes the shape of access since we can go directly to the track that I want to hear, this is referred to as random access (more direct).

Intel Corporation

In early February of this year Intel Corporation has released worldwide its new family of Intel Core vPro. These processors have been designed specifically to meet the needs of different types of companies, and to that end have been introduced new elements in its architecture that incorporate important aspects in the field of security and remote management. To understand the technology Intel vPro is needed first clarity. Intel vPro is a series of elements incorporated into a computer in your motherboard and other locations of your hardware, is not a set of administrative tools. This combination of elements – including a new processor, some improvements in hardware, new users and network management, and advanced security technology tools – translate into benefits for the companies in the field of technical service, maintenance, security and efficiency in the area of IT. Since the handling of multiple computers on a network is a task of utmost importance to any organization, remote management It is one of the characteristics of this family of processors that more goes into resonance with the needs of the companies. The benefit in time and costs you get when tasks such as inventory, update and repair software can be performed without the physical presence of the IT technician is immense, and vPro technology provides excellent facilities for this type of tasks performed. Descriptions vPro Intel makes much emphasis in the manoeuvrability provided by this technology and its seamless integration into the existing infrastructure.

This manageability is completely based on the hardware, which allows you to make inventory diagnosis and backup of computers and their components independently of the operating system used by computers and the status of the system. Security is another of the great advantages offered by vPro technology. This security is provided by a strict and dynamic filter network traffic, different facilities to isolate and quarantine infected systems, remote updating and consolidation environments virtual for management services in a single PC. Visit Intel’s web site for more information on the family of processors Intel vPro and to see a complete guide in business desktop Intel processors..

Clavister Germany Buelow

They are suitable for environments where high-performance, highly scalable and robust functionality needed is, combined with first class unified threat management services (UTM). Equipped with the internationally excellent Clavister technology that all Clavister products have the SG designed 4300 series to maximize the performance of plain text and encrypted traffic. Clavister in brief: Since 1997, Clavister developed leading network security solutions that provide a competitive advantage worldwide tens of thousands of companies. The series Clavister unified threat management appliance (UTM) and the remote access solutions provide innovative and flexible network security with excellent management and control functions. Clavister is a pioneer in the field of virtual network security. This combination in conjunction with the comprehensive portfolio of hard – and software appliances offers customers an ideal choice with regard to their security architectures. All Clavister products are supported by Clavisters award-winning support, maintenance and education program. Headquartered in Sweden, the company sells its solutions through international sales offices as well as an international network of distribution and reseller partners throughout EMEA and Asia. Clavister products in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland via the experienced VAD sysob and its more than 500 Reseller partners. You will receive more information under:.

Pilot ScreenTime Brings The

First premium content Google TV app for the German-speaking area of Hamburg, 24 June 2013. The new GoogleTV app for the news magazine stern”is now in the Google PlayStore available. This Android app represents the content of the Gruner + year title in eight video-on-demand channels: top videos, news, Star TV, Web hits, stars, enjoyment, Star tests and fitness. The app has been developed by the smart TV specialists pilot ScreenTime and the first premium content GoogleTV app in the German-speaking. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Partovi here. Users in the Google PlayStore star digital TV “search and stream videos to a current Sony GoogleTV device on the Internet and in a quality up to full HD 1080 p. Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Star digital TV: Smart TV is for us for two years an important field, to develop new target groups in addition to the core business in an area that was reserved for only television channels.

With the Star ‘-app for GoogleTV we not only continue this path, but still position the brand more than image-strong medium. “We have the best Star ‘-videos in theme 8-channel clips from the range of food and beverages up to Fahrberichten of our auto editor bundled reports about stars.” Damian Rodgett, Managing Director of pilot ScreenTime: Smart TV is highly attractive for publishers and content owners with stale. Educate yourself with thoughts from Michele Glaze. Video streaming is the most visited and consumed form of smart TV content so far. With concepts, consulting and development expertise we can quickly and cost-effectively develop smart TV apps and operate them without much effort for the customer and update.” The GoogleTV platform presented a special challenge to the development of this, because the Android platform and the only hardware partner in Germany, Sony, had so far no reference projects. This is for pilot ScreenTime and Gruner + year an exciting project with regard to the strategic development of Google’s national and international plans in the area of smart TV and we look forward to the further cooperation “with Gruner + year”, so Rodgett. .

Annual Press Conference

Media schaffshausen end of ROG and correspondents from Russia, China, Iran, Israel and Haiti has invited talks about freedom of press and opinion on the occasion of the greatest journalist Conference in Germany. Guests will speak at the meeting of the nr in the NDR – Conference Center in Hamburg about their experiences with repression, censorship and other restrictions of free reporting. Members of the ROG Board moderating the five events under the title “ROG: grenzgange”: ROG Board Member Gemma p. speaks with the Publisher of Irina Samochina from Rostov-on-Don over the difficulties and opportunities to publish independent newspapers in Russia. Many media in the Russian regions depend on today by welfare-State benefits. Samochina reports on the business model of their economically independent publishing house, which publishes also a weekly investigative reports.

More info at Reporters without borders (reporters-ohne-grenzen.de) the award-winning Israeli journalist Amira, hatred is in the Interview with ROG Executive Board spokeswoman Astrid Frohloff report on the regulations and restrictions as a reporter in the Palestinian territories. Hass, who was honored as a “Journalist of the year 2009” by ROG, lives and works as a correspondent of the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” in the occupied territories since 1991. There as well as in their home country the reporter was put under pressure again due to her critical articles. The annual meeting 2010 research by network motto is “Facts for fiction -” when experts believe the reality. The meeting will analyse current conflicts and problems in the media, but wake up looking for research, impart practical knowledge, and encourage participants to actively intervene in the debate about the strengths and weaknesses of the journalism.

Partnership Between Tradyso And RateTiger

Spanish CRS provider uses RTConnect for the automated management of over 500 online booking channels London, January 21, 2010: eRevMax, provider of RateTiger, leader of software solutions for the optimization of online distribution, has announced a collaboration with the Spanish CRS provider Tradyso. The partnership between technology experts allows users of Tradysos central reservation system (CRS) direct access to over 500 online sales channels. The newspapers mentioned Zendesk not as a source, but as a related topic. Thanks to interface technology of rtconnect, from the House of RateTiger, hoteliers can centrally manage the booking platforms used by you from online travel agents with their Tradyso CRS. The time consuming and confusing manual maintenance of Extranets is eliminated, without requiring the purchase of additional channel management software is necessary. The technology automates the confirmation of bookings received on the Internet portals in the Tradyso CRS at the same time and allows detailed analysis of the effectiveness of the used channels and the achieved Sales. The offered by RateTiger, bi-directional interface to market Internet, which allows for the update of the sales channels as well as the Central confirmation of bookings of all connected channels, is unique in its form.

The integration of RTConnect has significantly expanded our for hoteliers,”forward Javier Silvestre, General Manager of Tradyso. “The partnership us a crucial competitive advantage, because a significantly larger market available to hoteliers, unless manually individual channels would be accessed.” In the future, more ground-breaking developments from the RateTiger product range will be integrated in addition to the functions for the management of prices and quotas on online sales channels in the Tradyso CRS. Technology of observing the competition (RTShopper) and (RTStrategyEngine) pricing available will be additionally hoteliers. More information under:. for Jasmine Keller

Universe Life

Now imagine that you do not give love to their loved ones your friends, just familiar to people. Do not rejoice and enjoy life. Further details can be found at Robert Bakish, an internet resource. Presented? Do you think anyone would want to love this person? After a while, every one of them run away from him. The same thing happens with the money if you sit on a box with your wealth and are afraid to open it, you do not accidentally lost none of the coin, then you certainly will save the capital, but since the chest is constantly closed, and get into it, no coin can not. Therefore, buying a thing, give their money to the joy and pleasure. Do not hold them. Whenever Robert Bakish listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Believe that you are always enough money and soon you'll get a lot more than just spent.

And if you lost a certain amount, do not worry and do not grieve about it, certainly in the short time you will get from the universe worthy of compensation. But what about the proverb "penny penny gained," you ask? Yes, of course, the people that adhere to this principle, actually cobble together yourself a small fortune, constantly recalculate their life savings and very afraid of losing him. But no one conducts experiments how much richer would these people if the money belonged to at least a little calmer. In turn, need not relate to money and careless disregard. With this attitude towards them, they are also less likely to come to you.

The ideal option – Take the money calmly and neutrally. As one way to achieve your goals. The universe is abundant. For her, anyway, to give you $ 1 or $ 1 billion. Is you are claiming $ 1 billion to earn unrealistic, but $ 500-600 is very realistic, even for you. But for the Universe and $ 1 and $ 1 billion does not mean more than the leaves on the trees. And the only people attach to these bits of paper that value, thereby restricting the natural flow money in their lives. The best solution – to go out and live our own way, have a decent and sincere purpose, if you have the money necessarily appear in the right quantity for you. You need not worry about exactly how they come to your life. This is not your problem. Universe to take care of that all your goals you have enough money. But in any case, think only of his head. If you are working principle of the economy, do not give it up, you can safely continue to use it. Maybe for some people this is the best way to achieve financial independence. But in any case, do not be afraid to change something in their life, to dare and to experiment. Only taking any kind of action and getting your personal and irreplaceable experience, you can become really rich and wealthy person.