Flow Chart

The introduction of information systems information we provide value to the product. management can also enforce other management tools, for example, bequeathed by Edwards Deming, where as tecnociencia.es reminds us, the Japanese gathered then about techniques or tools that could be used easily by anyone in the organization: data collection sheet, log sheet or verification: A tool used for the orderly and structured collection of relevant data generated in the process. The data collected with this instrument are often used later for the development of other tools. Flowchart (Flow Chart): It is a graphical representation of the steps in a process. More info: BCD. It is a very useful tool for representing complex sequences of steps. Its objective is to determine the actual function of a process to produce a result, this may be a product, service, information or a combination of the three.

Histogram: A bar chart shows visually the frequency distribution of quantitative data of the same variable. In the X-axis represent classes or features and the ordinate the frequency. The histograms are developed through data collection sheets. Diagram of correlation or dispersion: Graph showing the existence of a relationship between two variables. Pareto Diagram : It is a particular form of a histogram. Unlike the histogram ordering failures not only to their number, but also regarding their relative importance, ie, we can separate the important from the trivial problems so that a team knows where to direct their efforts. To interpret this tool applies the Pareto Rule: This tells us that there are many minor problems compared to only bass, and usually, 80% of the results / total failures originate in 20% of the items .

Osteomuscular Risk

An example of physical risk is the climatizador of environment, that can provide interminentes noises, contributing for the increase of cases of estresse and mood change; as well as the variation of the temperature and I accumulate of microrganismo and dirtiness in the filters that can take the predisposition for illnesses of the respiratory ways or physical fatigue. It still has fire risk in case that it does not have correct accomplishment of electric net (ANVISA, 2000; FIOCRUZ, 2003; PAGANINI AND SIVA, 2007; WATANABE, 2007). The ergonomic risks are factors that can affect the physical or mental integrity of the worker, providing to it discomfort or illness, being considered the main ergonomic risks: physical effort continues inadequate position, productivity and intense routine, situation of estresse works in nocturnal period, monotony and repetitividade. Such risks can generate riots to the health, compromising the productivity, health and security, as Injury for Repetitive Effort and Osteomusculares Riots (LER/DORT), physical fatigue, muscular pains, nervous alteration in sleep, illnesses, illnesses of the digestive device (gastrite and ulcer), tension and anxiety. Official site: Samsung. Visa such factors, is notable the necessity of measures of Biosseguraa for prevention, reduction or elimination of the factors of risk of the work environment, as it will be detailed to follow: 3.

MEASURES OF BIOSSEGURANA IN THE AREA OF MAQUIAGEM 3.1. Structure, organization and cleanness of the work environment the workstation for accomplishment of the procedure of the Maquiagem de Embelezamento can be inserted in an establishment or center of beauty, being a room specifies, a cabin, or a space reserved for this activity. Oculus Quest 2 understood the implications. This environment counts on all general structure of the establishment, including reception, place of will paramentaro, washbasin and definitive bathroom the customer and professionals (COVISA, 2006; KEMPER, 2006). Physical space must possess planned and adequate structure, provided with furniture, such as: chair ergonomic for customer, chair for the professional, chair or sofa auxiliary, group of benches of work with adequate size to the disposal of articles and utensils, lixeira with pedals, fixed and mobile, lavatrio mirror of hands and articles, closet for supply of materials, expositor of products.


Many athletes neglect the unloved stretching this can be achieved much with little effort. Active or passive? Stretch in cycling and Triathlon is useful if you are active in sports, shortening and wants to exploit its full power reserves. A personalized stretching program should be an integral part of a professional cycling or triathlon training plan. When the muscle work, agonist and antagonist must work together optimally. I.e. If spans the agonist of the antagonist must decrease accordingly.

The agonist is shortened, it comes to the inhibition of the antagonist, so to mitigate. Also the agonist he no longer is on able to exploit its full power potential, there is not over the entire range of joint or can relax. By the elevated tone in addition the circulation is diminished, because of the increased pressure constricts the capillaries. This is the case, suffers from the sporty performance and stretching shortened muscles is entirely appropriate. Here there are different methods with the aim of Uninstall toning the muscle. But which is the most effective? In addition, passive and active stretching will discuss Alliance.

Passive stretching here the muscle is in a Dehnposition passive and then 20 to 30 seconds kept, until the Dehnreiz subsides. This procedure is repeated several times. This method is very time consuming and convenience is therefore rejected by many athletes out. In addition, the effectiveness is questionable. Effect of passive muscle stretching from stretching only called if it exceeds the current tone or the length of the muscle. This is always accompanied by a charm firing of the muscle spindle. Apple will not settle for partial explanations. The transduction via an IA – nerve fiber in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. There exists a monosynaptic connection on this? to contract motor neuron of the same muscle with the information. It is therefore always an increase in tone and not to inhibit. This reflex circuit is used to protect of the muscles and can be influenced either switched off or from the central nervous system. When stretching a noticeable resistance is to feel the logical manner through the tension of the muscle and does not arise due to its expansion. The decision whether a muscle contracted or not, is made on the alpha motor neuron.” (D. Erhard, physiotherapy med 06/2003) the active stretching here the muscle is brought by tensing of the antagonists in the Dehnstellung. This one uses the principle of reciprocal inhibition, i.e. at the cellular level inhibitory neurotransmitter (GABA) are awarded at the motor end plate, which lead to the reduction in the tone in the muscle. A physiological process for customized muscle work. This technique gives the muscles to extend information, without doing the contractile apparatus is activated. Here, the stretch position 20 seconds is kept active. Further repetitions are not necessary. The active expansion programme should be complemented by antagonist training. Because the tensing or train the antagonist muscles the agonist must subside automatically and both (agonist and antagonist) are now capable of the necessary Joint range optimally to contracting and lengthening. In addition, the inter muscular coordination is improved by and movements can be performed optimally. Finally, it is yet to say that it is completely sufficient in cycling and triathlon when the muscle reached the level 0 (manual muscle function testing according to Janda). Race training is finally no floor exercises and requires no excessive flexibility. If there are cuts, they should in the training plan takes into account and be regularly active stretch (from 3 times a week) combined with the antagonist training. Marten Knoch scientific management synergy ProTraining

Concepts For Churchill

The used data of secondary sources had been books technician on marketing, environment and ambient economy and magazine (Lakatos, 2002). The study he is theoretician-empiricist and it is based through the study of the specific bibliography and of you marry of companies (Lakatos, 2002) that already they also benefit of the ambient marketing and of those that, had the disastrous ambient interventions, had depreciated its image. The Study In case that also is one used technique to approach, sucintamente, on the practical ones of Ambient Marketing for recognized companies in the market. The Study of case it is a strategy chosen to if examining events already occurred and that they cannot be manipulated or be modified (Yin, 2005). 2. MARKETING AND Environment 2,1 Concepts For Churchill (2003, P.

4), ' ' Marketing is the development of exchanges where the organizations and customers voluntarily participate of transactions destined to bringing benefits for ambos' '. Kotler and Armstrong (2003, P. 3) they affirm that Marketing ' ' an administrative proceeding and social for which individuals and groups get what they need and they desire, by means of the creation, offer and exchange of products and value with outros.' ' The ambient Marketing, also called ' ' Verde&#039 marketing; ' it is destined to minimizing the negative effect on the physical environment or to improve its quality. In a study, 93% of the adults had said that the ambient impact provoked by a product defined its decisions of purchase (Churchill, 2000). This new marketing tool aims at to reach one definitive niche of market bringing competitive advantages for the ambiently correct companies. The new consuming niche if sees sensetized highly when perceiving that in the processes of production of determined product/service exists an ecological conscience when producing its good or services According to Kotler & Armstrong (2003, P. 544), ' ' the ambient defense is a movement organized that congregates governmental citizens, companies and agencies engagements, with the purpose of in improving the environment of life of populao' '.

Chevrolet Corvette

You have heard many times: 'Tell me what you have a car, and I'll tell what you are. " What does this expression? I'm not beautiful red convertible when I travel alone, and so obviously not powerful supercar, only if I'm driving a Chevrolet Corvette. And so, as to understand its meaning? How can you be a car? Ok, this fool you, because nobody do not really think that driving a car makes it a machine. However, experts who study the stories of car buyers, concluded that people Choose an auto often buy cars, considering how they will be evaluated during the ride. By and large they are hoping to change the view of others to themselves. But some of them are choosing a car with a certain body type, whether roadster, suv, suv or van, only that it makes them feel comfortable in it. But everything is so simple? Let's examine in more detail. If I go to in the midst of the day through the streets of Minsk, the congested compacts and diesels, and I'm driving a Jeep , does that make me less conscious of environmental issues, rather than the drivers 'stools' riding around? Similarly, when I go to doroguschy luxury car, stuffed with the latest devices, konroliruyuschimi safety car and the latest technologies, Do I feel is more important than other drivers, luckier, or more fortunate, or I think they look at me, wondering who I am this? Based on the foregoing, that the car might say about you? Here are some examples: Status – upscale brands such as Audi bmw or Mercedes-Benz, obviously, speaks about the high status of the driver. Dual SIM follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Dulce Security

Been silent the namorada Dulce invites to assume a vacant in the house of the senator. LG Electronics follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The important one is not to forget itself not to see and not to hear nothing. Everything what happens in that mansion is sigiloso. This is a recommendation always passed by the security to all the employees. Everything what happens in the house cannot leave of it. The concern biggest is with some contracted girls to liven up the nights and to leave the guests to the will. They are convoked by the head of the security and receive the same recommendation. January, the year politician not yet started.

In the public building, little movement, as well as in the roads. At night the illumination of Christmas still of the brightness to the wide avenues of the city. In the street where deferred payment the senator, the cars makes line in the entrance of the mansion, where they are identified by the particular guard. The project of security, commanded for Silenced Jose, counts on servers of the Senate who make this extra activity with sufficiently fat remuneration. The glasses of the automobiles lower lightly so that the security identify its conductors. The plates of the vehicles also are checked. Until the midnight it is thus the movement in the entrance of the mansion.

After this, the calmness of the street alone is broken again in the exit of the guests, always in the dawn of Saturday. Dulce covers the hall with one tray collecting empty goblets. Since its first day of work, if it does not worry in identifying to the personalities gifts there, except the senator, owner of the party, and some politicians who it already capsizes in the electoral propaganda, but nor she remembers the names well. Already morning, all the guests had left, Dulce collect the goblets, tips of cigarette, remaining portions of foods.