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HSBC relies on RQuest software solution for the automated recovery of foreign withholding tax Rosenheim, February 16, 2011: already in June 2010 was the decision for the cooperation of between HSBC transaction services GmbH, the daughter of one of the largest banking companies in the world, with the medium-sized IT companies Halvotec information services GmbH. To automate the processing of foreign withholding tax, the HSBC introduces the innovative software solution RQuest of the Rosenheimer software company. The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services companies in the world with about 300,000 employees and approximately 8,000 offices in 87 countries. The German subsidiary of the HSBC Group is the HSBC Trinkaus group with HSBC transaction services GmbH, which is one of the leading service providers in the market for securities processing. HSBC transaction services GmbH received the status of the market leader in Germany and others through their use of most modern systems, a high degree of automation and high Safety standards made it possible. The prospect of even greater service orientation and cost-efficiency realized the HSBC transaction services GmbH in the software solution RQuest of the Rosenheimer IT-company Halvotec.

By using this system, the unique solution is offered them first automatically perform complex manual processes in the back office, which were necessary for the processing of foreign withholding taxes. RQuest imports data from existing source systems, takes over the entire application process, monitored the reimbursement of payments received on applications, Bay of refund payments and finally exported the data of the withdrawals. After an extensive examination of the software and the resulting potential for value creation was introduced already in 2010 by RQuest HSBC transaction services GmbH. Half a year later the software introduces now adapted to the individual requirements of the financial undertaking. In future, the resulting processes in the settlement are thus of Withholding taxes by RQuest largely automates and accelerates so that internal processes significantly improves workflow, and costs. More information on the software solution RQuest,

Data Storage

Tape drives – a solution for creating redundant copies of data that are suitable for the separate computers, and large computing centers. The advantage of tape drives is the optimal price / performance ratio (the cost of storing information units minimum). Storage Technology on the tape is very fast read and write information that allows for the rapid exercise of the backup process, not stopping the computer center. Louis Monier is actively involved in the matter. Most convenient to use tape libraries and tape drives. For example, a very popular tape libraries, HP. Using RAID, available in servers and enabling rapidly recover data in case of trouble, is not a reliable way to backup. System redundancy RAID helps mostly snivelirovat hardware failures. Wrong rely solely on the use of RAID, as in the case of 'human' errors (eg incorrect operator actions or accountant), the system will not allow to roll back to the time of the error and restore the correct data.

Tape libraries also allow you to store much more information. And she kept on tape cassettes for much longer than hard drives. Such data carriers are not afraid to shock, is resistant to electromagnetic interference and temperature changes, and do not be afraid of many other natural factors. Leaders in the market – Tape Drives HP. Largely due to the interesting price and sales leadership in backup systems.

And users prefer to buy the cartridges from the same manufacturer that bought a tape drive. Function One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR), created based on the software allows you to restore data in case of accidents with one click. The technology used in OBDR saving data to tape, with the tape drive is bootable, registered in the server's BIOS as CD-ROM. Since the cartridge is loaded the operating system with latest patches, which was correct at the time conservation. An automatic full restoration of the operating system, and then the data. Thus, the technology OBDR gives an opportunity to restore the server for several minutes even for an expert with minimal knowledge of technology. To date, there is a huge choice of backup systems. Basically this tape, using a consistent data organization, and disk drives, providing random access to stored information. Choosing a system for their organization, should take into account such factors as the type of backup and recovery, speed, maximum capacity carrier and the volume of the device as a whole, the cost of equipment and cost of its operation, reliability, etc.

Knauer GmbH Life

Science meets industry in Berlin southwestern science day 2012 offering life the opportunity of in public and professional internal modules on the latest trends and developments in the life science industry to inform, to share and connect. In addition to subject-specific workshops (for a fee) on the subject of outsourcing, medical technology and Diagnostics, preventive exercise and diet is the possibility the future. Market life (free of charge) to visit and to inform themselves on the spot. For more clarity and thought, follow up with GoPro HD and gain more knowledge.. “To develop the District of Steglitz-Zehlendorf in Berlin led to the networking between science and economy in the district and the capital region to promote Berlin-Brandenburg and common approaches on its way to the cluster health economy” in the context of the EU funded project, science meets industry “(WTW) through a life science day. After this successful launch last year this goes free University Berlin, Federal Institute for materials research and testing (BAM), Charite now in cooperation with partners Universitatsmedizin Berlin, industry and Chamber of Commerce locally, Berlin (Chamber of Commerce), Institute cardiac diagnosis and therapy (IKDT), scientific Geratebau Dr. ing. Herbert Knauer GmbH, MEDIPAN GmbH, regional training compound of Steglitz-Zehlendorf, German medium-sized industry BVMW Association, Metanomics health GmbH, ifp – Institute for product quality GmbH, Berlin Partner GmbH and BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg in the second round. When? Friday, June 08, 2012 at 10:00 where? Freie Universitat Berlin Henry-Ford-Bau Gary Road 35, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem what? “10:00: Panel discussion science meets industry the example Berlin Southwest” 11:30-13:00: workshops (for a fee) on: spin-off, medical technology and Diagnostics, preventive movement, nutrition 14:00 15:30 hrs: interactive part to exchanging, introduce and discuss the key issues In the connection: get together parallel to the Professional program (free of charge), the Zukunfts.Markt finds life in the foyer of the Henry Ford building with science to be touched and many participatory actions on topics such as wellness, fitness and wellbeing instead. Finally, the life science day is summed up in the joint closing session. Registration & more information under: