AG Hans Gruber

The euro crisis slowly draws their circles. But investors of SHB innovative fund concepts AG can breathe. Your money is perfectly laid out in German retail real estate. The bad news is not demolished. Greece will take the guarantee out of the rescue package.

Since almost all experts agree. The only question is: where will it go? In answering this question, the experts are divided. The rating agencies threaten already so that the healthy”devalue euro States and their banks. It is only a matter of time before stock prices to tumble again. Well, as a part of his money in real estate who”, says Hans Gruber of the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Better, who has some of his funds to strategically wise real estate funds.

At best, if this Fund spreads the investment volume on many individual objects. Fund concepts with the SHB GmbH & co. Renditefonds 6 KG this is the case. The investment strategy is to in the asset class of the closed-end real estate funds in different German retail real estate investing. Thus, the SHB creates an asset which represents a diversification of risk in the investor portfolio alone this innovative fund concepts. Also, customer groups are addressed with different investment opportunities which would otherwise not enjoy of valuables. So, not only the major investor in this extremely lucrative investment can benefit, but also one who want to build in monthly real estate assets. And this is with good reason, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG Hans Gruber: who is convinced of the value of a real estate investment, has hardly any investment opportunities outside of closed-end Fund as small investors. The closed-end fund industry the SHB as a pioneer for savings funds has made a name and can refer to some unique features to this day.” A further important component of the investment strategy of SHB innovative fund concepts AG is investing in long-term leased stock real estate economically strong primary and secondary sites in Germany with mostly credit strong tenants. This will not speculated on a potential increase in value, but also on a steady rental income. The scattering at the return fund 6 in several real estate, which in turn have multiple tenants, here is another difference. This protects against a total loss and spread the risk on many shoulders. The main tenants are among Germany’s best-known discount stores and trade groups. The discount store market one, for example, the krisensichersten and constantly growing industries. SHB man Huber explains it: The basic needs of the people are eating and drinking. Our tenants, the discounter, providing both. Where would you buy in a crisis where money is scarce? In a more expensive health food store or a cheap discounter?