Alexander Vieira

Of this form, one always demonstrates that nor what if it discloses as determinative is the event in itself, but yes the form as we search to repeat and to elaborate this trauma. Alexander Vieira (2004) had complemented this idea through the comment of children, of three the nine years, sheltered in lotornea city of Santa Catarina. After the separation of its families, the children search other references of attachment, keeping> affective relations with other children to the similarity of the attachment of dade mother-baby: older brothers took care of of the lesser brothers. Exactly between the pairs they established attachment relation. With regard to the figure of the mother, a idealized vision of what real exists more, where they enxergam as capable to take off them of the shelter and to take them for house, where well-taken care of and they would be loved.

Ademais, notices the strong desire and the necessity to keep the bond with its mothers and its families, of origin or substitute. Bowlby (1981) old already suggested the cares substitute as a form to try to diminish the actual damages for the privation of the love of the parents in the institutionalized children. These cares, carried through for a substitute mother, are essential for the development of the child and the formation of its psiquismo, exactly being known that they total are not adjusted. Cavalcante & Jorge (2008) had searched to understand the meaning of the pertaining substitute mothers to the programs of Family Acolhedora of the state of the Cear. They had evidenced that the mother direction directly is not related the biological mother. The children bring the unreliability generated in the initial privation with the biological mother for inside of the new relation, however also they bring the hope of transformation: what they had not found in primary the objetal relation is searched now in the acolhedora mother.