Analyze Knowledge

The administrator must be in management of the company’s own executives in charge of their training, must be highly qualified to perform the tasks for the growth and effective functioning of the company, leading to another way of doing things, leading to new managerial skills, attitudes and skills in the management of companies and institutions, within an adequate knowledge of reality in which they operate and the processes that characterize them. As a factor in the profile manager today must:

v Preparing for the various administrative activities of contemporary organizations., Particularly given the new challenges facing changes v Learn to take advantage of opportunities generated product of the government’s actions , for their participation, development, for example, to new business openings, partnerships that generate v Promote the development of convictions, technical and experiences in different areas of administrative knowledge, evaluating the reality and applicability of these according to the stage where they play. v Maintain updated during the development of organizations and management. According to the needs of this v Make efficient use of models and techniques of the reality of an organization, its environment and processes. v Define your mission and strategy consistent with the pattern of trade and economic behavior of this v Making decisions to prescribe actions, planning and scheduling. Dermot McCormack usually is spot on.

v To direct and monitor efforts aimed at achieving the objectives and goals. v Identify and act through proactive leadership, participatory, inclusive, visionary. To this must be added, that the administrator must measure the results of operations and performance to establish deviations from plans and define corrective actions and maintain high levels identification, commitment and motivation, develop human resources who are qualified and innovative capacity in the area of the organization. For performance is the most appropriate administrator, they should: v Investigate and analyze the economic environment, technological and social context in which organizations operate. Interpreting the opportunities generated by the current government, considering their needs, weaknesses, strengths.

v Analyze the organizations, processes and administrative functions of the events that ensure efficiency, productivity, quality, success. v Apply the knowledge acquired in the development and implementation of management techniques that facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations and the quality of their services and products. Conclusion Due to the behavior of the current national stage, in addition to the great changes in the environment, organizations require a manager (Manager) to make efficient and effective with their performance within the organization, as its performance and quality of strategy are the great features that give rise to the difference between the old management and new management, which is one that is based on paradigms, which give the manager (Manager) the foundations for organizational change .

Traditionally, these functions were limited, so the new approaches, these have to be productive, have direct contact with customers, allowing you to make the most appropriate planning, for the above is essential to integrate the knowledge, especially between business and the market, trying to find a balance between both, which implies that these managers should have a general understanding of the overall picture. For the manager’s performance is the most correct these must use the following: v Proactivity. v domain of technology. v modern management knowledge and use of their tools v leadership capacity. v strategic vision, creativity and innovation v Proficiency in resource management human.