Animal Health

A new product against canine leishmaniasis that makes the owners of dogs with this disease a new hope has been launched to the market. Virbac Animal Health has presented the Milteforan (miltefosine) a new product to combat the canine leishmaniosis. The Miltefosine (active ingredient) of the Milteforan is an analog of the phospholipids metabolized by Leishmania, and disrupts cellular signaling pathways and the parasite membrane synthesis, inducing cell death. The Miltefosine, unlike the antimonials, presents an antiparasitic activity directly, not dependent on the immune system. One of the great advantages of this product is its ease of administration. It’s an oral solution that is poured over the food and is administered once a day, for 28 days.

Oral administration is a great advantage for your convenience facilitates acceptance and compliance with the treatment by the owner. But its advantage more relevant is the absence of liver toxicity and kidney especially. for this reason it can be used in dogs with kidney failure consequent to this disease.