ASUS Windows

The vast majority of the remaining platforms available to users, in fact, represent the envelope for Ubuntu, and differ only interface. A separate mention only Jolicloud (it also is built on Ubuntu), to features which includes the "social component": registering on-line My Jolicloud, you can monitor what programs are installed and removed by other users. True, this is not about any application, but only those that are special library is constantly updated daily by developers. To test the operating systems we used the netbook ASUS Eee PC 1005HA, built on a platform with Intel Atom processor N280. Windows 7 Starter Edition desktop background in Windows 7 Starter, you can not change The junior version of the last operating system from the Redmond company, originally designed specifically for netbooks, installed on your hard drive about 25 minutes. After that, the operating system without connecting to the network to recognize Most hardware components except the button below the touchpad.

Also, of course, without having to install the appropriate software from ASUS does not work function Super Hybrid Engine, designed to regulate power consumption in notebook Depending on your needs. Operating system interface familiar to any user of Windows Vista and to a lesser extent – Windows XP. Despite the fact that there is no change compared to the "full" versions of the OS problems at work with a standard screen resolution for a netbook of 1024 600 does not arise. nformation. Did not appear during testing and criticism at the download speed of the system and run application software.