Audio CD Resistor

2. Cleaning the head. Pulls a wad of cotton to match, wetted with alcohol and gently clean the produce. Follow the order at the head of no more lint from wool. 3. Adjusting the laser current. Consider this item for more info. On first glance, you might it seem ridiculous, and someone will say, without a special measuring equipment as possible, but believe 80% of the fault is eliminated this adjustment. And so for more info. The board laser head, most often in the connector mounting loop is a variable resistor, the one who set the current laser. Reach it in most cases, you can not looking CD-mechanism. Sometimes it is convenient make setting the laser head to the extreme position. In some cases demolition. Find a suitable screwdriver. Remember the situation in which there is a slider resistor. 3.1. Slowly gently cranking slider resistor for about 1-2 degrees clockwise; 3.2. After that, connect all the cables and wires (if they are disabled); 3.3.

Set the disk with the format that was not read in this unit have read with interrupts. Press ‘PLAY’. If the machine does not read discs at all, it is recommended to install the drive formats Audio CD; 3.4. 20-30 seconds (give the laser focus); 3.5.Esli not work, repeat the paragraph 3.1-3.4. 3.6.Esli paragraphs 3.1-3.4 repeat several times (Usually between 2 and 5) does not yield any results then it is advisable to return the slider to the resistor in the position in which it was to adjust and make the same operation, only turning it counterclockwise. After several these settings, you can quickly for 1-2 minutes to adjust the laser without any problems, no special test equipment and without the service manual-Service Manual. If all else fails, maybe your laser head really completely out of order. But usually this happens very rarely. Anyone, even a very strong run down the laser can be forced to read at least disks Audio cd. This article, I’m not trying to say that is not why change the engine, laser Head to the new, thus saving on maintenance. I just spoke about his experience and this method can be used as one of the options for repair, at least in those situations where to get parts is problematic. Information to this article permitted to place on their resources while maintaining links to the original.