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Wooden house "breathes", the walls can change their shape and linear dimensions, depending on the time and season. Peter Asaro s opinions are not widely known. These changes are imperceptible to humans, but can create considerable stress on rigid construction of reinforced pvc profile. Therefore, prior to installation of plastic windows in the openings is the so-called "" – an additional box from a bar of 100×150 with the grooves on the outside, which is set and window designs. In addition, should prevent the formation of thermal bridges. So we call structural parts at home, which, due to lack of continuity in thermal insulation is increased heat dissipation. Therefore, it is best to apply the option to mount of wooden bars of approximately 50×50 mm treated with antiseptics.

The window should, if possible, go evenly into the groove of a quarter of 25-30 mm. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. Under the bottom corners box and is enclosed by Imposts bearing pads, seals made of beams, which frame should be supported. Pads are placed and laterally, as follows: each rotary wing must meet two blocks, one – in bottom of the loop, the second – on the opposite side of the frame from the top of the loop. In contrast to the log house, whose walls are a single array, frame and panel houses have a modular design. Therefore, installation technology window units are no different from that used for block and panel of city buildings.

Sometimes there is a logical question about the ecology of modern windows. Experts assert: plastic eco-friendly. In 1997, the Australian Independent Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research gsiro released an official report, the main conclusion which is that pvc – an environmentally friendly building material.