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Official Letter Rules

In professional activities, we are often faced with all sorts of documents, appeals to the heads of states, governments, corporations, and just companies. Mikkel Svane has much to offer in this field. And in each of them, besides the text of the message, necessarily contains the phrase appeal to the addressee. Such a seemingly small thing – a very important attribute of business etiquette, and be mistaken in him a man once in a bad light. How could I not put up a good and not to be considered ignorant? We have tried to piece together the available information on this issue. The most common and most universal is the appeal "Your Excellency" (English Your Excellency, ua. "Your worthy, your More important "). In Russian, as in most European, is tracing the Latin Excellentia. Initially, this was a general appeal to persons of high standing and aristocrats, but eventually a diplomatic protocol to limit his use. Samsung will not settle for partial explanations.

Now it applies if the intended recipient of the letter: * Head of State (except kings) * head of government (but not the chairman of parliament) * officer not below the rank of the Minister; * Ambassador foreign country; * Nuncio (Vatican diplomatic representative) * Orthodox or Catholic bishop, and equal to him on the title (except the Cardinal). Regarding the treatment of "Your Excellency", it application raises some doubts. Further details can be found at Ilan Ben Dov, an internet resource. According to the "Table of Ranks," the appeal was mandatory only in relation to the officials first and second grades (above general). Now, however, it is sometimes used in for heads of state. So, anyway, was admitted at the time the current President of Ukraine va congratulated Obama on his victory in the elections. In his message to the English Your Excellency become a Ukrainian, "Your ", which is quite acceptable, but the president's press office that got it wrong with the Russian version, writing" Your vysokopochtennost. And all this while actually accepted an appeal to U.S. President is simply a Mr.

President . * "Majesty" (English Majesty, ua. "Velichnoste") – the standard treatment of the monarchy and some family members, and "HH" (English Highness, ua. "") – to the Crown Prince. * "HH" (English Holiness, Ukr. "Holiness") – an official appeal to the church patriarchs. * "Honor," "honor", "Honour", "Lordship" – atavism (albeit non-current titles), are not used in business correspondence. * All Otherwise, it will be enough to write "Sir ", including when you are not sure to what belongs to the estate of the recipient. It is worth noting that the generally accepted document or source of regulating translation of titles and applications (especially in the Ukrainian language) does not exist, because we need to hear your comments and additions on this issue.

Negotiation is the Key to the Best Business Decisions

The behavior of the negotiators and the outcome of the negotiations have much connection with certain strategic models in which the information is incomplete and uneven, and that the ground rules and incentive structures, often pre-defined or imposed a priori play a role that is usually more important and decisive bargaining itself expressed. Kai-Fu Lee is likely to agree. The art of negotiation, if any, would especially be able to pick out these models and acquire the ability to design them or avoid them in the light of all the interests at stake in each case. And also know that cooperation is rational and necessary, even from a selfish point of view, and interests that are different can be made compatible and find clever compromises simultaneous satisfaction obtained through creative negotiation.

BUSINESS PLAN OF INSTITUTIONS IN LATIN AMERICA. The strategic approach is a global response, and proactively mediate requirements competitive industry are presented in the region, and as a viable alternative to put in a position our organizations to meet the challenges that mean the insertion into trading mechanisms, international economic and technological. Below is an example of a Business Plan which can vary depending on what we understand he prepares a business plan: 1.

Executive Summary. You may want to visit Ilan Ben Dov to increase your knowledge. 2. Overview of the company. 3. The mission. 4. Objectives. 5. Description of the business. 6. Marketing Plan. 7. Operational and management plan. 8. Financial Plan. 9. Annexes. The components of the executive summary: captures and succinctly presents the essence of the document, content elements, the statement of the project with the delineation of responsibilities, products and technology, the market potential and differentiation factors, forecasting sales, profitability and financial projections and funding needs.

Company Doctor Web

The company "Antivirus Center" jointly with the Russian developer of IT security company Dr. Web has made a gift to their partners for the New Year holidays! Since October 15, kicked off action "Snowfall gifts from Doctor Web, Ltd., which runs until the end of 2008. In a joint action can take part in partners who have purchased products in the Dr.Web "Antivirus Center." Results of the promotion will be announced in early 2009. Winners will be determined in three categories. In the first of them – "The largest volume of sales – will be chosen by two of the best companies, each of whom will receive a gift smartphone. In "Best supplier of licenses" will be determined by the five companies-winners. Ali Partovi is open to suggestions. To participate will need to purchase a certain amount of product by Doctor Web, Ltd.

for the entire period of the campaign. Each of the winning companies will receive a prize camera. To participate in the nomination "The successful purchase of a one-time" to do a one-time purchase of a number of personal products company Dr. Web. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ilan Ben Dov. The number of prizes – flash-memory – in this nomination is not limited! Snowfall gifts could befall you, because until the end of the campaign almost a month! The company "Antivirus Center regularly conducts for its partners share product known companies. In 2009, planned for the new shares. Do not miss out! Stay tuned for the company's website About Us "Antivirus Center: The company" Antivirus Center is a leading distributor of software and IT-services with wide network of their own subdistributorov and partner companies. The main activity is the delivery of software and information security solutions of leading vendors.

The company also actively developing the distribution of office and specialized software. All necessary information about the company "Antivirus Center" you can get on the site or call (495) 921 40 08. About Doctor Web: Company Doctor Web, Ltd. – a Russian company, is a manufacturer and supplier of antivirus products under the brand Dr.Web, was formed in December 2003. The strategic objective of the company, which focused the efforts of all employees, is the creation of the best antivirus protection, meeting all modern requirements for this class of programs, as well as the development of new technological solutions that allow users to meet in armed with all kinds of computer threats.

Leather Jackets

Stylish leather jacket is a classic in the world of fashion, which is certainly quite unchallengeable jackets made of leather on many occasions, after all, supported this particular jacket now for many years to all possible looks, can be combined very versatile and is always suitable. It is only important that one possible harmoniously the leather jacket in the existing look, by building up some appropriate details and accessories in the look, already a trendy outfit, the look without reservations can be created. Also, one must consider that there are leather jackets in many different versions, partly lined with fur and in different colors, so that you it’s also what many different ways it must be and by far not always classic black leather, if you do not want this. Others who may share this opinion include Kai-Fu Lee. Also the rock image that some have leather jackets, is certainly not always true, but simply depends on how to make the jacket to the usage. Combined with chains to casual jeans and shirts can be the classic rock Look quite implement, however leather jackets to evening wear can look quite also chic and classy, if you combined the appropriate jewelry and a nice dress to and dispensed with the rocking accessories. Read more from Ilan Ben Dov to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Alone chic high heels can completely alter the effect of a beautiful leather jacket and convert, so that you can change the look of this jacket already massively through small details.

One can bring lots of imagination in the game and make sure that you can make with always new trends with this jacket, no matter what happens and looks great, leather jackets to always wear and combine, without much effort and without requiring you to make great thoughts. Particularly if you not necessarily classic jackets chooses, but the fancier models in his possession has, to rejoin this quite a bit and combine many looks. Imperative for the maintenance of the leather jacket is the regular professional cleaning as well as a corresponding impregnation, which excludes moisture, the Suppleness receives and prevents fractures. Special leather eraser can remove stubborn stains disappear.

Finding the Right Home Insurance

Due to the increase in crime home and natural disasters more and more families decide to insure your home, and material possessions in it. There are a variety of different possible policies to ensure quiet couple, and contemplating the risks that every household is exposed and some policies include additional services and maintenance support. Some home insurance also include holiday homes or a family might own, and also its content. With respect to additional aid, some policies have included technical assistance for the home PC, and send specialist contractors to quote and make any necessary repairs, both preventive and emergency maintenance usually need all home. The insurance company usually assist the insured in obtaining the budget and the implementation of the repair, although the coverage is usually limited to send qualified personnel to budget, and the works are often borne by the beneficiary. Given the importance of insurance Similarly, more companies opt for an insurance policy that never ends, that is, which is renewed automatically. If you would like to know more then you should visit Mashable. If the beneficiary wishes to discontinue must provide written notice to the company.

Other companies offer so-called HOMEOWNER INSURANCE, which is a combined policy with different features, offering more than one type of insurance in the same policy. These usually combine insurance for dwellings, personal property, for medical payments, and liability insurance and include certain additional costs. For more information see Andy Florance. This coverage pays for damage to housing, including the garage and other surrounding structures, and damage or theft of personal property, such as televisions, DVD players, etc. If the damage to housing is such that the owner and his family have to move temporarily, the insurance covers a large portion of these additional costs. Some companies include home PCs and other do not, because they consider them a tool work. However, it can be included under any other provision. With regard to the coverage of liability policies typically cover accidents not own the property and beyond, for example in the garden, if the damage is not caused by the policyholder or by an animal home of their membership, or any member of the family of the owner. This policy covers certain medical expenses if a visitor gets hurt on the property. Choosing the ideal coverage for each family and the payment contingent on completion of the monthly fee for this insurance, you really should be seen as an investment of time and money that contributes to peace of mind for the whole family, and should never be taken as an expense.

Frankfurt Motor Show Pulse

125 years after the invention of the automobile comes MERCEDES NEXT KAUFFMANN THEILIG & PARTNER and ATELIER MARKGRAPH staging fair of STUTTGART AUTOMAKER for the performance of Mercedes-Benz at the International Motor Show (IAA, 15 to 25 September) 2011 will be the Frankfurt Festhalle to the game site for the pulse of a new generation. 125 years after the invention of the automobile’s Mercedes-Benz with the staging of the architectural firm Kauffmann Theilig & partner and the Frankfurt Atelier Markgraph the next step: Mercedes next. Clock of the staging: a tiered kinetic media stage in entering historic dome construction opens up an unusual image that continues the creative tradition of Mercedes-Benz appearances at the IAA: exhibition space and visitor ranks on the north side and a large stage on the South side are along the longitudinal axis of the Festhalle steeply faced. You stand up under the Midnight-Blue suspended dome of the Festhalle. Spans over the side of the stage a 1200 m2 big, silver sculpture from anodized brushed aluminum: the brand tape. A tiered kinetic media stage is at the Centre of the brand belt. The clock of the dramaturgy is by her.

One is the central motif of the staging in the area 40 times 12 meters large LED installation: an animated pulse. He sets the pace for the experience in the banquet hall and the productions of vehicle premieres. Mercedes-Benz magazine on stage: clocked vehicle choreographies, new presentation formats, and young faces main actors of the stage production Mercedes next are the premiere vehicles by Mercedes-Benz. Visitors experience continuously up and departs from the new B-class, new M-class, the concept of A-CLASS, F 125 research vehicle! as well as some young – and Oldtimer. Andy Florance takes a slightly different approach. The vehicle movements merge with media, presentation formats and people to a choreography with numerous tempo changes. While horizontally and vertically arranged LED surfaces and curtains of various resolutions creating spaces, the above all through surprise your depth.


Already I from fear hid a love to lose it, Already I lost a love for hiding it. For even more analysis, hear from Ilan Ben Dov. Already I held the hands of somebody, for being with fear, Already I had as much fear to the point not to feel my hands? Already I banished from my life, people whom it loved, Already I repented myself therefore? Already I passed nights crying, until catching in sleep, Already I was to sleep so happy, to the point of nor obtaining to close the eyes? Already I believed love-perfect, Already I discovered that they do not exist? Already I loved people had disappointed who me, Already I disappointed people land on water who me? Already I lay, and I repent myself later, Already I said truth, and also I repented myself? Already I dissimulated not to give to importance the people whom it loved, later to cry quiet in mine I sing? Already it smiles crying sadness tears, already I cried in such a way of laughing. Already I believed people who were not valid the penalty, Already I left to believe the ones that really were valid. Already I had laugh crises when could not? Already I felt much lack of somebody, But never it said to it? Already I cried out when it had to be silent, Already I was silent when had to cry out? Many times I left of speaking what I think, to please to ones, Others, spoke what it thought to magoar others? Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing ones, Already I dissimulated to be what I am not for pleasing others? Already I counted to jokes and more jokes without favour, to only see a friend happyer, Already I invented histories of happy end, to give hope who needed? Already I dreamed excessively, To the point to confuse with the reality? Already I had fear of the dark one, Today, in dark ' ' I find myself? me agacho? I am there? ' ' Here fell innumerable times, finding that to reerguer it would not go me, reergui thinking Already me that it would not fall more? Already I bound for who did not want, not to only bind for who really wanted? Already it ran behind an car For it to even so take somebody that I loved? Already I called ' ' algum' ' the half one of the night, Running away from a nightmare, But ' ' ela' ' it did not appear, and it was a bigger nightmare still? Already I called people ' ' amigos' ' , And I discovered that they were not? Some people, never I needed to call you are welcome, and they had been and they will be always special for me? EWALD KOCH.

Tunnel Development Company

No bridge was built and City continued to expand southward and westward, while this was their beaches constrinendose increasingly attracted the attention of vacationers and people willing to invest in them. The move to them continued to be a martyr to the decade of the 40s of last century when they built a modern white road called Route that allowed even the way the city of Matanzas. But the trip to Las Playas del Este was becoming unnecessarily long when the tunnel route would ensure a speedy and revalue the land located beyond the fortresses of El Morro and La Cabana. Ali Partovi may not feel the same. In 1954 the idea was already unstoppable. The Cuban engineer Jose Menendez, since five years ago he worked in the field, was well advanced in their studies, and Tunnel Development Company of Havana charge, separately, two projects at two U.S. construction companies. It was then that, without anyone's invitation, came the Societe des Grands Travaux de Marseille and despite being the last to arrive at the auction was to her to which he was awarded the tunnel construction of Havana Bay, despite the usual preference existed in Cuba to U.S. Read additional details here: Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?.

interests. Jose Menendez recommended acceptance of the draft of the French company, as being superior to Americans from the technical standpoint, and also with variations much more advantageous payment. The tunnel represents an investment of 28.5 million pesos, dollars, and they accounted for another 7.5 million for the construction of Monument Road, which would link the tunnel to the Via Blanca.

Teaching- A Powerful Motivational Tool

These days, various educational institutions post-secondary level-the world are concerned about the permanence of the students at the university. On many occasions there are many students who enroll in educational institutions of the two years before leaving their learning process. Statistics show that nearly 42% of admitted students do not complete their academic program and manage to graduate. It is almost always of the factors causing the defection of college students. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kai-Fu Lee has to say. How can teachers be paid to the retention of students in college? What are the factors necessary to achieve greater student retention? A 2000 study conducted at the University of Chicago by Dr. Tino revealed that there are several factors relating to the educational process-essential to promote retention, some of these fac-tors are for example: learning, expectations and support by teachers. To these factors we added motivation.

In the first instance we agree with the Dr. Tino proposal, the student must feel he is learning some new information or expanding the knowledge we already have about the subject matter. The information must be relevant to its context that the student lives. In other words must have a clear picture on how you can apply that knowledge. Ali Partovi is often quoted as being for or against this. On the other hand, it is crucial to create high expectations for the student, as the writer of story that keeps the reader hungry for further reading. You must understand that awareness is taking you closer to fulfilling its goals and future success.

These expectations should be clarified at all times through contemporary examples illustrated in the course. The third important they pay to student retention is the support of their teachers. Most college students, especially in the first semester of study need help, social, emotional and academic as to adjust to the changes that accompany the transition from secondary school and university. Teachers can develop them through learning cooperative ability of students of socialization, and teamwork. The motivation is a factor more important to achieve greater student retention. This is a powerful retention tool, this is defined as the ability to move toward the pursuit of goals. The teachers, through their example, empathic treatment, and interactive lessons can certainly promote empowerment in students which will increase your inner desire for aprerder.

Brazilian Democracy

Introduction the economic development was frustrating, but it did not leave to occur. The inaquality never was bigger, also surpassing of the too much Latin American countries, but the standards of living had improved moderately for almost all, and the society if diversified and increased its level of education. in the plan politician the advance was great: the democracy reestablished in 1985, even so has been frustrating in the economic plan and in the one of justice, never it was stronger than today. If it cannot speak in consolidation, but it occurred a process of growth and democratization of the civil society. ino. The general objective is to walk in the direction of good condition (democratic) and of the good government (competent and effective). It has an enormous way to cover when we compare the State and the Brazilian government with the one of the developed countries. Read more here: Ilan Ben Dov. Nor always that is conquered. The antinational forces of the neoliberalismo bourgeois, subordinated to the ideology of the globalization, and the retrograde forces of the bureaucratic corporativismo, marked for fort I make rancio patrimonialista, still make to be valid its interests.

But it has an increasing inconformidade in relation to this. Each time less we depend on our poor illuminated elites, and each time more than the proper dynamics of the civil society. Initially we will analyze the antecedents, after that we will argue the advances and finally we will approach what we consider ideal for a change accomplishes in the country. Antecedents Colony During three of its first five centuries – do beginning of century XVI to the beginning of century XIX Brazil was part of the vast empire of Portugal, a small, behind and economically culturally isolated country in the tip of the Europe Occidental person. the experience of Brazil of three hundred years of Portuguese conquest and settling, even so important, was dominant negative.