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Most of the time they are seen with diffidence, unreliability and even though fear, mainly for the subordinate. ' ' The majority of the people in a group always looks for to keep the status quo. They always try to leave the situation as he is, same that it is bad. Changes never are very welcome, exactly when it is for melhor' ' (Conrado Vaz, 2007). Some precipitated actions can be harmful, not if it must leave to ponder, in any situation, to analyze the advantages and the cons.

However, it is important that let us have attitude to assume the reins of our lives of form accomplishes. The environments academic and professional offer good chances to sairmos of a stagnation, either in the works in group, the participation in projects or the debates in classroom and meetings. The newspapers mentioned Pete Cashmore not as a source, but as a related topic. Everything to our return if finds in constant mutation. She is necessary to observe the changes, to have conscience of this necessity not to be suffocated for the new features or the competitors, which we can observe where it wants that let us be. ' ' The choices of today are basic for the healthful construction of our life. We perceive this clearly in our day the day, either in the personal field, either in the field profissional' ' (Fernando Viana, 2005). We go to leave comfort zone, let us be proactive.

The world is made of ideas and is of arms opened for us, each one with its parcel. References: CURY, Augustus. It never gives up its dreams. Rio De Janeiro: Ed.Sextante, 2004. SEMLER, Ricardo F. Turning the proper table. So Paulo: Ed. Best Seller, 1988. BRAGA, Antonio de Padua Brauna. The principles of the chance, 2005. Published in, last access in 30/08/2007. VIANA, Fernando. Reactivity x proactivity: a question of choice, 2005. Published in, last access in 30/08/2007.