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This is only true if you use a forum as a space for debate. Instead, use as a tool for customer support. Just create different forum categories for eg., Pre sale questions, member questions, one for each product category. A forum is an excellent way to provide customer service because: There is a search function for the customer to find related posts you could easily create a forum free. Most good web hosts now has a function of a forum, click the installation. You do not have to worry about your answers to be caught by email filters your customers If you get a question you answered before, just give them a link to the answer in another post. Usually, other forum members are willing to answer a question that they have managed to solve … for free.

Hiring extra help is as easy as adding a new moderator. – Step 3: Install A helpdesk ticket Not all queries can be handled via a knowledge base and a forum. Sometimes there is a need for customers to send private information such as usernames and passwords. When a situation like this occurs, you need a way for customers to send the information to others without being able to see it. One of the best ways to handle this is to create an online help desk ticket. A ticket help desk system will allow its customers to create a user account and log an entry in your system. The user can send all the information they need to send. You can even allow them to add attachments.

Most support services also allow you to prepare well in advance by written answers to repetitive questions. Again, a good web host would also have some kind of script installation help desk available at a click. – Step 4: Use a good email software Finally, you have the good ole e-mail. What should be the last thing to turn to their customers. After application of the above three systems, you will find a very small quantity of e-mails you need to respond. Customers are getting wiser. Most know that e-mails are seldom replied to. Therefore, only resort to this as a last resort. Do not make an error putting your email address on their website. Use a form. With email filters rampant on the net, also remember to inform your customers that your e-mail can be caught by your email filter. There you go. Just set these and you’ll find your customer support is much easier to handle.