Boat Registration

Today, registration shall be subject to virtually all means of shipping capacity of over 225 kilograms. Those might be, and collecting a raft and sailing yacht and catamaran. In the case of motor boats, carrying capacity is no longer taken into account – is to put the motor in the most inoffensive inflatable boat, as under current law, she immediately falls under the sight of the State Inspectorate for small boat. Registration of boats now the process inevitable. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mikkel Svane and gain more knowledge.. In essence, the registration subject to such kinds of water transport such as: motor boats with engines up to 75 horsepower, motor boats, propelled vessels (floating Pantone), pleasure (eg, jet skis, canoes over 150 kg.

capacity), pleasure craft up to 12 people, regardless of their power, as all inflatable boats with a motor. The registration of a boat requires a permit within ten days date of purchase, making the gift or the fact of inheritance. Registration of boats – a delicate matter. Registration process takes place in the nearest branch of gims in the community, and commits to carry legal documents for ship (contract of sale, gift or power of attorney, a technical passport), identity card holder, tin, and a receipt for the payment of registration fee is proportional to the type of vessel. If the registration of a rubber boat will cost only 50 rubles, the registration watercraft or boat – is 200 rubles. If after purchasing watercraft have been subjected to the replacement main components, need help on that ship has undergone technical examination and meets all safety requirements. It is worth noting that in the case of registration of motor boats are required to have at the hands of both data sheet – the very boat and motor.

Just individually they are entered in the ship's ticket – a key document in this story. That's the ticket board numbers are indicated after the registration of the boat, and management of the vessel without a ship ticket carries a fine of $ 1000. If you already 16 years old, and before you got the registration of an inflatable boat, everything happens like this: you come in gims, pick up your receipt for payment, then go to pay in Sberbank. Then, have a boat and motor (Boat or personal watercraft) are returned to the gift, and show them the inspector. Thus, the inspector of inspection report, and you fill out an application form for registration of boats, together with copies of documents for the purchase of all Inspector pass. Since then, the boat registration is complete. Now you gently apply for housing boats hull numbers, make sure you have sufficient to drive the ship, and is now free to sail aimlessly. If you are getting the rights ahead of time is not worried, you have to swim for six weeks learning the shipping case and test their skills on exams in gims. Udora site GIMS