Brand Image

Journalist technological Online Marketeer @juanquaglia one of the frequently forgotten important aspects at the time of starting a venture or undertaking is the creation of brand image. This is not surprising, since the concept of brand image is of use common among specialists in marketing and communicators, but unfamiliar to the public in general. The first aspect to consider is the fact that advertise your own product or service dryly and such which is isn’t a valid strategy. In the market, and through communication each entrepreneurship needs to differentiate itself, so bring a value added to that that offers. This added value is not another thing that the brand. Build a clear brand image makes it possible that consumers choose us from intangible attributes, hence the importance of forging a spirit or recognizable identity and attraction.

The ABC’s of web marketing today in day, all venture or Enterprise builds a space on the Internet. Website, blog and social networks are the most frequent resources and they can be already considered basic and unavoidable to achieve a presence of web marketing, since the competition you may have probably will be using them or plan to use them. Forward pointed out a series of tips to keep in mind in regards to branding on the Internet:-a coherent brand image. Since the presence of our brand will be distributed on many websites and supports, which may include those already mentioned (main web site, blog, social networking), more others (mobile, web applications, banners, mailing), is essential to maintain a consistency in communication. This consistency can be achieved from hallmarks of design (logo, typography, colors), as well as the wording (tone of communication, the text layout). -Seriousness is not always necessary, professionalism Yes. Internet users tend to distrust of the contents that are, and with reason. Whatever the activity or product that you offer and in particular in the case of let the purchase online, in the communication should prevail professionalism, so that the consumer is fully confident that it can rely on the prestige of the brand.