Brazilian Government

The Brazilian government, then, through the Bank of Brazil, made responsible for the company, who passed if to call Brazilian Company Dannemann Cigars. In 1945, it was returned its proprietors, but she did not resist and she finished declaring insolvent nine years later. The Swiss group Burger it acquired the license of the Dannemann name in 1976, and produces today until cigars of the mark, that did not lose its prestige in the Europe. Currently, the company produces the Salvador cigars, Menudo, Mature, Special, n 1 and Is Flix, beyond the line Artist Line and cigarrilhas Reynitas and Bahianos.

The Dannemann Industry thus, if constitutes as one of the most important companies of the Recncavo region, as much for its importance for the local economy, with generation of jobs, how much for its cultural incentives. In 1989 the Cultural Center Dannemann was constructed. The objective of its existence is related with the preservation of the historical memory of the culture of the tobacco in the bahian Recncavo and its contribution in the development and formation of the current city of Are Flix, having as bigger reference the innovative ideas of Gerhard Dannemann. One of the expressive projects of the Dannemann in the artistic scope was the Biennial one of the Recncavo, that had its 6 edition carried through in the Cultural Center Dannemann, in November of 2002. The biennial one congregated artists, tourist, admirers of the art and the press, counting on representatives not only of Brazil, but also of Argentina and Holland, in an effort to keep alive the culture northeastern, strong exaltada in the presented works. Of more than 2000 writings, 119 artists had been selected to concur for the prizes. The maximum prize, a trip to the Europe, was for the plastic artist Florisvaldo Birth Son, of the city of Valena/BA.