Brazilian Social

One sees that, of beginning, it associates one idea of being able, when the possibility of imposition of will, desire or project of an actor is emphasized on another one. (OLD 1996, s/p). The differences that compose the social life are also the base that generates the tensions and the conflicts. For Candau (1999, p.21) ' ' one of the worked sources more in the studies on violence is, without a doubt, its relation with the inaquality social' ' , therefore the citizenship is not exerted as equal for all. If it does not have a social political system that it minimum satisfies or it takes care of the necessities of the population of the country. It has a very great difficulty of the public power in managing and taking care of these necessities, mainly the happened ones of the poor population. However, we cannot consider or affirm that the social poverty or inaqualities is the only responsible reasons for generating the violence in the Brazilian society. Old it assures (1996) that: One of the basic 0 variable to understand the increasing violence of the Brazilian society is not only the social inaquality, but the fact of this folloied being of a esvaziamento of cultural, particularly the ethical ones contents, in the social reception system.

(OLD 1996, s/p). A naturalization of the violence and violent behaviors is noticed, which have contributed still more for the banalizao of the same one. this comes being processed mainly for the media. All the moment we are displayed the competition situations, where the other always represents a threat. of in such a way coexisting these questions, mainly for them to propagate in the media every day, finishes for not provoking commotion some, the violence if it converted into something current. It has a feeling of fear restored in the society, feeling this that always keeps in them alerts, as if all the moment we needed defending in them of something.