Cadastral Management

Date of receipt of residence permit – 1 week (this makes it possible for customers to plan their period of stay) Then, on the basis of Of a residence and concluded with a real estate agency contract, shall be submitted Cadastral Management (presence of the client is not required, it is a real estate agency), which requests are directed to Izmir (General Staff) and Ankara (Main Land Registry Office). Guaranteed by the Government for consideration of applications these departments, in the absence of unexpected moments – 3 months. Upon receipt of positive responses from these agencies the client receives Tapu. In the future residence permit shall be extended to the local security. "It is also necessary to have a sum of 300 liras for the payment form residence permit, charges and fees (paid on place).

In Turkey, there is a system of title registration of real property rights. This means that the registration of real property rights is a prerogative of the state body – Cadastral Management, which provides new owner vladenchesky title 'Tapu'. This title implies a timeless and absolute vladencheskoe right that after the conclusion of the sale can not be challenged by anyone in court. Tapu is a document certifying the ownership of rights to a particular property. Notaries public have no right to execute and record the transaction for buying and selling real estate. The notary can only draw contract whose subject is the purchase and sale of the object, which, however, will be resolved only the price for the object and the conditions of its payment.