Casio G-SHOCK Launches Its Own IPhone Application

\”Shock your wrist!: G-SHOCK watches multimedia sample wear your applies shock!\” is the try-me application for G-SHOCK watches, Casio offered since June 29, 2009 in Apple’s app store. The Japanese electronics maker wants to use the high perception around the innovative concept of the iPhone with the application. In addition, the mobile marketing tool is firmly embedded in the Canon of the online tools and helps in the search for the nearest dealer. Downloaded 55 models who want to know what G-SHOCK on your own wrist looks the best, can at any time and at any place sample wear provided, he has an Apple iPhone or iPod touch and the try-me application your wrist shock!\”. If you are not convinced, visit Kai-Fu Lee. A picture in original size available for each model is created with the iPhone over the wrist to the multimedia behavior. \”Up here, shock is your applies!\” with many fun \”-applications in the app store equivalent.\” But the online marketing specialists of the group directly, the idea for this Application developed and implemented, put on a sales-oriented approach with a transparent control of success from the outset. Judy Helms, the Marketing Manager for Casio’s watches and the brand G-SHOCK, is convinced by the overall package: we can use the lifestyle-oriented iPhone environment very well maintain the G-SHOCK brand. At the same time the application directs prospective customers to the nearest point of sale or binds them a newsletter subscription at our brand.\” It fits the iPhone app very well for G-SHOCK, because the target groups overlap heavily. a has compatible beliefs.

The software developer who directly group have connected the application on several Casio databases and user. The user enters after a branding-intro to the collection overview and can go from here into the individual models. Connected to the G-SHOCK database, you can access the technical data to each model. The integrated Distributor search accesses the G-SHOCK dealers database and the addresses of nearby dealers.