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Education In Spain

To say that we are one of the European countries with lower level in education, not that is to say, nothing new, is more, fodder than to follow thus we will go to worse, or one is going away to him to put solution? Ever since I studied the education system until now it has changed much, and in my opinion for worse. When I went to the school the level of studies was higher that the one of and now stricter and I do not talk about strict in the punishments. The system of E.S.O. also fodder is for worse because happening to children of 12 years to an institute, where there is as much freedom is superior to them, it is change much and it does not favor anything to them. With 12 years much freedom and responsibility are with that all do not know to take. Before 1 stage was of 1 to 5 course and 2 stage corresponded to the courses of 6 to 8 course. There were two stages and now there are three, that is: 1 stage is 1 and 2 course, 2 stage 3 and 4 course and 3 stage 5 and 6 course.

This change I do not know if it affects or no but to happen to course children who are not nothing preparations because they cannot repeat the same stage twice it is a delay. In a stage they cannot repeat twice, that is to say if 3 or n repeat can repeat 4, nor many children cannot either repeat, that is to say by class he has a maximum of 4 or 5 children, that does they hechan it to luck? , when before it went 40 children in 25 class and now at the most and not note improvement. If it will be it for the professors. The boys do not go preparations to the institute, is a great change and he delays that them still more, arriving the great failures at the institute. That causes that the students feel fustrados and discouraged, consequently they leave many it. Another reason by that they leave the studies is the freedom that they acquire in the institutes. Children with 12 years they do not know to take that freedom, are not controlled and everything is guay, in the institute must be more responsible, no longer is controlled like in the school and that can surpass them. This is what thinks and I will continue counting more in another chapter. Original author and source of the article

Music Is The Best Medicine

If we think about a certain kind of music, a composer or a particular favorite song, we end our reflection on the mood that they produce. For example, when we were young, and we started to cry, our mother reassured us warm and tender song, and we sweetly sleep. This proves that music is capable to influence our moods in different situations, which are often ignored, as they should. In our daily lives we all time to turn the music to change our mood. When we are tired or when melancholy strikes suddenly, we make every effort to change this time. And then there is a need to listen to that special someone. Listening to the quiet songs, makes us feel more relaxed, less tired, or even happy.

We all turned to music therapy, at least once in their lives, knowing or not knowing what fact that it is – one of the oldest methods of improving your mood or other pains. Since ancient times, music was a means of stimulating the soldiers before a battle. We are currently doing the same thing, except for that the wars in which our ancestors used to take part, turned into the competition, we want to win. We get positive emotions, which we have to 'struggle', listening to the songs that bring peace of mind and make us feel more confident. Delving into the history of music therapy, I learned that she had used since the time of Plato and Pitegory – he laid his foundation. He cured the various diseases through the power of sound and music, setting the balance between man and the universe. Mikkel Svane is actively involved in the matter. In the XIX century, the positive effects of sound on the human body and mind began to be studied more.

Romanian scientist George Konstentinesku that studied the sound effect for a long time, was the inventor of a new science: sinology. It is – science, which tells us about the therapeutic effects of sound on people. Music has become increasingly used to to cure certain diseases, as it plays an important role in modern psychiatry. Rhythm, frequency and intensity of sounds regulate heart rate and blood pressure – so, our body relaxes, is a healthy rhythm and the body is filled with positive energy. Harmony of sounds often creates wonders with us, and this is demonstrated by some studies that were done in a long time. Music therapy used since ancient times, and this is evidenced in the books that tell of gods who treated the disease with the help of sounds and sacred songs. One of the most famous – is the god of Asklepayos – the god of medicine. He treating certain diseases with the help of music incredible way. There is a version that Herodotus also used music as a way of treating certain diseases, for balance between the world of the cosmos and the world of man. Even today, while playing the harp, we fully relax. In the literature we know about the case of King Saud, who was treated by David playing the harp. It is also said that Sparta was cured of the plague with the help of a musician named Teletas the island of Crete. Our ancestors also used the song, which strengthened the power of words and reinforce the idea. Today, it is practiced by some tribes in Africa, Asia and Australia, their rituals are based on dance and music, for treatment of various diseases.

Stiftung Warentest

The effective and cost-efficient solution against Sun and harmful UV radiation the days are now getting longer and temperatures slowly begin to rise. And thus again the demand for effective measures to protect against Sun and harmful UV rays. The use of sunscreen has the most effective and most cost-effective solution. Is applied to the foil on the outside of the window, radiation and solar energy, not even in the spaces are allowed. Plus film technique used only Premiumfolie of selected manufacturers. At Zendesk you will find additional information. Including the “AX-20 aluminium Silver” from the House of Bruxsafol. Approximately 80% of the solar radiation and over 99% of harmful UV radiation will be rejected with this effective sunscreen.

The film was 06/2010 of the “test” magazine of the Stiftung Warentest as “very good” in the category rated heat protection in the output. Through this high rejection of solar energy, significantly reducing the cost of air conditioning systems and thus made an important contribution to climate protection. With regard to the optical properties, plus foil technology offers a variety of different product types which different let in stark daylight into the rooms. l/’>Areva. Thus an optimum ratio can be achieved depending on the request of heat insulation and light transmission. There are barely visible sun protection films, which reject the solar still to almost 50% even on the disc. Stiftung Warentest indicates in the review as well, to better fit the sunscreen by a specialist. More info under protection films

Power Of Perseverance

One of the most important qualities that need to be developed in the process of achieving their goals – it’s persistence. You have to be persistent in their actions, persistent in the face of difficulties and challenges, and determined to achieve their goals, no matter how large or small. To read more click here: David Treadwell. Many times a situation may arise when you want to surrender and give up his project, to do something different, more simple for you. But the quality which guarantees your success – a willingness to overcome adversity and go to the end, to refuse reconciliation with anything less than your dream. The more you persevere, the more chances that there will be something in your favor. Regardless of the how difficult it may seem, the longer you do not give, the more likely that success will come to you. Difficulties and disappointments are inevitable no matter how well you plan and how well you perform your plan.

You are sure to meet with disappointments, troubles and failures on the way to your ultimate triumph. Sometimes you will encounter contradictions, seemingly insurmountable. Sometimes the universe will check your steadfastness on the path to the goal you are pursuing. The way forward can be difficult. Progress in this way requires that you have abandoned thoughts of surrender, while learning new lessons, develop their capabilities, and make difficult decisions.

Difficulties encountered – this is what gives you the opportunity to develop your character and courage, and perseverance to develop. Problems – a good teacher. They will test you and make it more powerful. But you have to fight and never give up! More than 4,000 years ago, the Chinese sage Confucius wrote, “Our greatest courage is not the ability to avoid failures, and the ability to go up every time when we fall. ” How to overcome obstacles Whenever you confront a problem or come across an obstacle to stop and take a brainstorming session in three possible ways of overcoming Obstacles to bypass it, get over it or through it. For each obstacle come up with three different approaches to overcome it. There are many ways to solve the problem, but you will find them only if you take the time to reflections. Always be focused on finding solutions in the process of thinking. Be persistent until you find a solution that works.


“Authentic advertise with happy customers also in the German-speaking is now more and more rolling, which has triggered an avalanche of already in America: the stone of the reference marketing”. More impressions can be recorded under this keyword, more and more companies begin to carefully handle or build already a complete strategy on the Foundation of their reference. But what is exactly meant by reference marketing? How does it work? And what are its key advantages of to traditional sales methods? Reference marketing means one thing above all: is the satisfied customer voice to take advantage. Recommendations have always been considered to be strongest sales tool. Therefore a serious recommendation, is pronounced by a satisfied customer, not only much more credible than the often bescholtene self-praise. Properly prepared such a reference also offers an excellent source of information and comparability to potential new customers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Byron Trott offers on the topic.. A such integrated reference report explains that from the perspective of the happy customers out Issue advance was, as he found for each product of the advertiser company, as the exact sequence of events of the implementation done went and what he ultimately pulls out of this solution. In contrast to traditional advertising methods reference marketing not is based therefore on theoretical promises and assurances for the future.

It is a controlled already satisfied customer to an actual and provable, because previous project questioned. To see how the advertising company has served these customers, as it with the prevailing conditions that knew how to handle and that the offered solution indeed as promised works, convinced utterly more than just professes to get. Making such highly informative user reports is this already an art in itself. The concentration must be solely on the customer voice, advertising and marketing phrases is important to avoid and the user report (or even success story”) can satisfy journalistic high-grade claims. The aim is Finally, getting the users report with appropriate editorial offices for publication.

Such PR specialist who is engaged in the production of case studies, the advertising agency is poly at least from Karlsruhe, Germany. Here is provided not only the high demands of objectivity is sufficient. The innovative PR team also takes care of an advertising strategic involvement of made reference reports. How specifically to use them as active sales tools, says anyone who want to set up with a corresponding request to the advertising agency poly-mind like. Dipl. Sozialwiss.

Paduano Board

Happy user tell their personal love story Munich, 02.12.2009 now, because the advent season is approaching, this time it’s time for positive news, to those sad face, because they spend this time unintentionally alone again to show that something in their situation change can be. So seems the motto of activagers (, the free community for the generation of 40 plus to be that enables its users recently, to their personal success stories on the net. The idea is quickly told. Many writers such as Zendesk offer more in-depth analysis. We got lots of positive feedback from people who have found by activagers new friends or even a new relationship and we hope to encourage other people, with these success stories more aggressively to take advantage of the opportunities of the Internet”explains Dr. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. Nello Paduano Board. The start of the new series, the magazine of the website under the heading partnership, love and sexuality ‘ will find their place, makes an editorial guided true story. The editorial treatment of the story is done at the request of the parties who want to preserve some anonymity in this way and still have all their positive experience part let. Basically, is it but whether they make use of the offer, free of charge and after vote editorial revise their story, or simply like of them actually witnessed her story the users (and his loves), want to set in the activagers magazine.

Dr. Paduano to: the idea is actually the users and users tell their stories themselves, but since all kick off is difficult, we offered our support the activagers member at his request in the concrete development of the first article and want to do so in the future. The success stories are nevertheless based on a true story, changed only the name of the user.” Activagers encourages its users and users until the end of the year their personal (love-) story to submit. The theme of love must at all are not in the foreground. Activagers is finally no pure brokerage, but sees itself rather as a community for the generation of 40 plus and 50 plus, free allows users to form friendships and to find the soul mate, even with luck and the international. When these friendships then more, it is of course all the more beautiful for everyone. “Dr. Paduano to conclude: every story stating, how someone could extend his personal social network by activagers no matter whether it is about a new friendship or partnership can be told.” Activagers: Activagers is a free offer of VIVA49PLUS AG (Munich), which develops online content and operates, specifically tailored to the needs of the more mature (best agers). Press contact: Ole Bandy email:

EastWest: Improved Shop For Planters And Flower Pots

More overview and photos to the large zoom of the planters more photos to the large zoom and cleaner chapter that is of EastWest’s new Web shop. The presentation of the planter has become even more customer-friendly”says the owner of Stephan Hack. The new Schick has numerous advantages: with a mouse click, the images of the Flowerpot from normal to a huge size can be zoom. The details of about the surface and the material become more visible. The premium quality is stressed as”explains Stephan Hack.

More details and high-quality recordings in beautiful scenery customers gain additional benefits. All was real, not only recording is digital has been edited with Photoshop. Only with nature shots one can imagine, look like the planters in daylight”, as the owner. Also, the descriptions of the buckets have become clearer. The texts are concise and briefly formulated and made for customers who have little time to read the Web page.

The Texts are subdivided several times, each section is soundly structured with headings. And not only that just in time for autumn EastWest presents new models: so beautiful flower pots with handmade floral prints complement the programme. Challenging work also the planting troughs and flower pots with a marble surface they are very elaborately made. The Roman Mediterranean style is very much in demand”, says Stephan Hack. The advantage of real marble is: the flower pots made of fibreglass weigh only a fraction and it is possible to drill sequences. EastWest trading is your reliable dealer for planters and flower pots. Resident in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, employees “Eastwest” in Germany and around the world are looking for all the beautiful and high-quality planters, which make the hearts of our customers. Usually we buy the goods directly from the manufacturer, this eliminates any middlemen. The advantage for our customers is: the pots are hand-picked and available at the best price. Many models can be found exclusively at EastWest trading. Since 2005, EastWest trading has focused on the distribution of flower pots and planters, and planting troughs. Are shipped throughout Europe, many customers visit but also the stock sale in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Line Photographies

You are become fond of to the cameras and photographies? You would like money to make money and to continue with your hobby? You would like to make money with your hobby? Then it continues reading, because in this article I am going to give advice to you on as to make money selling in line stock photographies. To all they do not like what you like You must understand that now these taking photographies to sell other people, and many will not share your pleasure. You must take photos with attractive a universal one, photos that see very or and that they draw attention for blogs or Web sites that is where mainly they use the photographies. You are not ostentatious Remembers that your objective is to offer an attractive line of vision, but you do not go and you want to rob all the attention of the text to have very showy images. This distracts the readers and very it will not be appreciated by your clients.

The happiness sells Tries to take glad photos with positive subjects and colors. You would find more clients of that way. It is certainly exists an owner of blog that wants more sober subjects, but create it or those people are not minority. The majority of people wants to be happy! Ten in account acts professionally that your more probable clients are companies in line that they want to give but to color to his site publishing photographies. Your photos must be respectable and decent. You must remember to be within reach of the people of businesses and not of the usuary Internet average. Considering these advice you would begin of the correct way, now only it is in you to begin takings stock photographies to begin to sell and you have an extra entrance with your favorite hobby. Original author and source of the article.

Couple After The Divorce

The decision to start dating after divorce will cause many reactions on the part of your children. This has much to do with how well or how bad you and your ex are carried. However, once the divorce is completed, you and your former partner should focus on a healthy relationship to move forward with their lives. If you’re not able to do this and the level of conflict remains high, you run the risk of damaging your children, there is no stability that your children need. When parents do not carry well and will continue to act as if you hate each other, what future can have another relationship? Children living in this toxic situation constantly are on guard, because they expect the explosion of adults at any time.

If children see both parents hurt themselves feel as if the world was upside down. Before you start going out with someone more after the divorce, you must think: does it make sense that your children feel excited about this scenario? What sense does exit in this time? If the conflict with your ex is still very high, are still married (a) with her (him). It is not a good idea to take another person to this vicious circle. In addition, we must consider that some former never leave the conflict, it seems that the new aim their lives is to make life miserable for the other. If you’re in the latter situation, you must learn to react and defend yourself. The main focus must be on your children, your role towards them and how to deal with the problems. Stay free dating after the divorce until you feel that you and your children have a better handle on the situation.

The purpose of dating after divorce is bring someone new to life so your family improve and there is no more confusion and conflicts. He finds love after divorce if you feel that you are ready for a new relationship after your divorce, it is time to meet new people, enjoy their company and know them well right? In the event that you are afraid you can wait a bit. With each appointment if you expect to find the love, you’re going to disappoint sooner than what you thought. Trafficking d do not put so much pressure on yourself or the person that you leave. Remember that every appointment is an opportunity to meet new people; You might not find love, but perhaps you’ve made good friends. Tries to not be too critical of you, if you and the person don’t click, never again to see. That is the positive and negative side of the appointments. Analyzes well what kind of person is adjusted after the divorce. An important point is that your children are well educated and have the care they need from your part. Another important aspect of the child-rearing focuses directly on you as a divorced father. It is important that you accept that you are single. This will affect directly the quality of your life after divorce and future relationships.


The hair is but the showy thing of a woman without concerning the age. Or short or long, wave, smooth or curling we must take, it well-taken care of. I spend enough hours to me in the work and see many ” cabecitas” a newspaper, those of the children of the school and those of its mothers who are going to take them or to gather them. My greetings in the morning talk about almost all to the hair: Luis, slight haircut but chuli! , Ana: that coletas so precious! , they watch to me and they smile to me and with its vocecita of 4 years they say to me: me it has made it my manna. thpiece is the source. I answer to them: That good she is mother, and enter class with a smile of ear ear.

I have in a small box some coletas and when I see that ” poor man mam” he has had to leave house explosion and only he has given time him to quickly pass the brush to him to his dear daughter, I offer the possibility to him of doing coletas to him so that the hair does not hinder to him in its tasks. Often when I speak with the contented mothers them comment it that feel like the children with adornments tuna in the hair, is not expensive to put a great bow to him of colors adapted to the color of the clothes that they take, and if they take uniforms, better, with two models it exceeds to them for the course. Source: Robotics. In my liking by the infantile care and the ability that I inherited of my grandmother for the seam, I took to my daughters of small with but pretty diadems which I knew to do to them, their friendly pedian them to me of gift for birthday and we conserved many photos of that time. Now that has grown, already with fianc2e, we have begun to remember ” diademas” and we have removed some that teniamos kept. They have had the idea that she sent to me to create blog and to teach to make diadems, the truth is that I am liking much this new facet of my life then when having left me widow has given the opportunity me to have new friendly that I ask to me advice in my mail then aside from diadems likes much the natural medicine. I am inexperienced and I have not known to insert photos (to see if somebody explains it to me), for that reason I am going to you to put the connection of my blog (that I learned yesterday to do it). Ali Partovi has similar goals. My daughters sn the models and photographers and my son is the one that selects the music of the video which I have in my blog. A friend who wants to you: Mara PS: Acceptance advice and I have done some but of felt that next I will put in blog, sn very easy to do.