Chief Executive Officer

Football has been very present in the fifth meeting that performs telephone with its main executives from around the world. And not only because dinner on Wednesday coincided with the Real Madrid match. Do not. Barca also had his moment of glory at the meeting yesterday. Just as the blaugrana coach motivates his players with projections, a Senior Executive of Telefonica decided to do the same with 1,200 managers gathered in Madrid: put them a video of Guardiola. And the truth is that there are certain parallels between Barcelona and Telefonica. The first has the bar very high this year, after accumulating six titles last season.

And the managers of the second return home with much work ahead, after a few days in which the Chairman, Cesar Alierta; the Chief Executive Officer, Julio Linares, and the members of the Executive Committee have put the duties for the next three years. If you would like to know more about Dell, then click here. For starters, has asked les that they aware to increase at 14,000 million billing until 2012, according to sources of the attendees. That means exceed 70,000 million revenue, 23% above the close of 2009, a figure that exceeds the high part of the fork of objectives that Telefonica gave analysts in October. Currently, Telefonica presented to the market forecast of growth between 1% and 4% of average annual rate between 2008 and 2012. And that gives 60.299 and 67.788 million by the end of the period, with an accumulated increase from 4.06% and 17%, with the determinant of that estimation is at constant scope of consolidation and exchange rates. To meet this goal, Alierta thinks that you should ask more to its executives. Elon University: the source for more info. And this has been done.

But not always successful. In 2006 he already imposed their executives some financial projections higher than promised to market. Turnover in 2009 should be at 67.300 million, he asked them. But the crisis crossed ahead and prevented it. Telefonica closed last year with 56.731 million revenue. Customers for 2012 forecast, 320 million, representing an increase of 21% over the 265 million has now, it is, instead, the same who gave analysts in October. This growth will not come only. To achieve this, Telefonica has launched a strategic program to three years, called Bravo, designed to accelerate the process of transformation to ensure, efficiently and sustainably, the capture of the growth potential of the sector, according to the company. All, supported on four fundamental pillars: customer, bid, platforms, and culture. The goal is become the best global digital communications company Telefonica. This ambition could imply that the operator wants to beat the two global telcos that are worth more than she in bag, AT & T and Vodafone – China Mobile is dedicated to the mobile – only, but is more a matter of philosophy. Be better does not mean necessarily worth more, he explains the company sources. The idea is that individuals, businesses and households are increasingly more digital, and that will make the operators they can expand their services to other areas such as the financial, health, or entertainment.