Chilean Officials

Chilean officials said this weekend that will create a mock-based petroleum products such as oil as a third option to rescue the 33 miners trapped underground since August 05. The idea, which is Plan C, could be the fastest of the three options currently in progress. However, drill to be used must be transported from Iquique, a city in the North of Chile, and then install it in laz ona of the disaster. The drill is expected to be in operation by mid-September. However, the estimated time needed for rescue workers has not changed. This clearly depends on the conditions of the terrain and the technology used, according to official sources workers will be not taken out of the mine until November or early December.

The previous week a new drill gave a new meaning to what is the hope that engineers can reach the miners in just two months. The drill, which is normally used for drilling for water, is part of plan B. It is a technology not tested in a mine rescue. The first plan, Plan A, involves the use of a drill vertically towards the shelter where the miners are sencuentran. Engineers say that the drill should reach a distance of about 701 meters. It has been estimated the plan would take between three and four months to complete. Plan B secaracteriza for being a drill-based products made with petroleum derivatives digging at an angle of approximately of 80 degrees in an area of the mine well that is used as a mechanical workshop. That distance, engineers estimate that it is around 620 metres.

Plan C would be necessary to drill 600 metres. Meanwhile, rescue teams are continuing with their first two plans. The advantage is that three plans can be carried out at the same time and thus see which approaches to mine more quickly from different directions.