Commission Organizations

The main tasks of the Commission are: – collecting and monitoring information on the facts and methods of absorption and capture business, operational information about local and central public authorities, in particular law enforcement and public service executive, on the strengthening of anti-takeover and unlawful seizure of enterprises – operating time package of measures to combat unlawful takeover and seizure of enterprises, and improve the mechanism of regulation in the implementation of corporate rights of participants in business companies and Investors – conducting rapid exchange between public authorities and NGOs with relevant information. 5. The Commission, in accordance with its responsibilities: – organize the work of collecting and monitoring information on the facts of the wrongful seizure of the absorption and companies to detect signs of a crime or other offense the board shall inform the Odessa city organization employers, local authorities and law enforcement agencies – is heard at its meetings, information officers of companies, institutions and organizations, representatives of public authorities to issues that belong to its competence; – working with state authorities, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and organizations on issues that belong to its competence; – inform the public about the facts of the wrongful absorption and capture business through newspapers, radio and television. (Not to be confused with samsung!). 6. The Commission is entitled to: – receive from companies, stock companies, organizations and institutions information necessary to carry out its responsibilities – to make to the meetings of the Board of the Odessa city employers’ proposals on issues that belong to her competence.

7. Commission established by the Board of Odessa city of employers’ organizations: Chairman of the Commission Co-Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary and five members of the Commission. The Commission includes the heads of enterprises, organizations and institutions – members of coru or their deputies. Chairman of the Commission may, if necessary to make changes in its composition. In the absence of the Chairman of the Commission of its shall act as co-chair of the Commission. In the absence of the chairman and co-chair of the Commission of their duties the Vice Chairman of the Commission. 8. Committee Chair: organizes the work of the Commission; convene a meeting of the Commission; leads meeting of the Commission, sign letters, statements and other documents prepared by the Commission the results of its work.

9. The Commission shall meet at least once a quarter. Member Commission has the right to initiate an extraordinary session. 10. Meeting of the Commission is competent if attended by more than half of the members of the Commission. Proposals for consideration at the meeting Commission to the Chairman and members of the Commission. 11. Commission decision is issued by a protocol signed by the Chairperson of the Commission and sent to the board of Odessa city employers’ organizations, members of the Commission, other interested parties within three days after the meeting. 12. Commission decision adopted by a simple majority vote of members who are present at the meeting. Commission member who is not supports the Commission’s decision may, in writing, to present a single idea, which is added to the Commission. In the case of an even division of votes have a casting vote of the chairman of the Commission or predsedatelsvuyuschego at its meeting. 13. Members of the Commission may delegate its powers to each other. 14. Decisions of the Commission are advisory in nature. 15. The Commission has a form with your name. To participate in the meeting Commission may involve representatives of enterprises, institutions and organizations, public organizations. Chairman of the Board coru je.