He has been in the last decade that the dizzying evolution of technologies of information and communication (T I C) has transformed the way to act and communicate in practically all areas of human endeavor, he has broken paradigms on the way of doing things, by removing barriers such as distance, cost and socio-economic conditions, still affordable today practically for everyone. Accessibility to the T I C has facilitated its integration to business supporting a substantive and strategic functions of organizations, being the engine in some cases to reinvent the way to operate and do business. In our country there have been important advances in the use of the T I C, but there are still areas of opportunity to leverage in optimally resources that organizations invest in T I C. There are opportunities to make the T I C are focused to provide an added value to organizations in their productive, administrative processes, as well as facilitate the customer-supplier relationship and thereby shore up to sustained growth. Incorporation of the T I C as competitive advantage to know the impact of the I C T in the MSMEs are studies based on measures of efficiency and productivity, achieving affirm that SMEs involving the T I C have yields in the productive field 1, so those who have implemented the information technology in its processes have achieved growth and competitive advantages that support their survival. It is also accurate to say that the introduction of T I C speeds up the generation, access and distribution of information, being a valuable tool for decision-making; substantially to support the relationship with customers and suppliers.