Corporate Structures

Enterprise. The term 'Enterprise' is often used in a wide sense and not only on the territory of Ukraine. It defines the main component of the economic system of the country and operates in the sphere of material production, science, trade, services, etc., is a legal entity, operates on a full cost accounting, self-financing and self-government. For businesses that are based on international cooperation owned joint ventures. They carry out their productive activities through foreign direct investment. The sp essentially combines several activities (R & D, production and sales products, etc.). Read more here: Samsung. This ensures effective use of joint investments.

Thus, the joint venture is a form of unification of capital and international cooperation ventures. In many countries around the world instead of the term enterprise uses the term 'company', to a greater extent it reflects the economic and commercial policy against the owner of an economic entity than a purely virobnichotorgovelni relationship. With the development of market production and trade structures, a term the company (shares panies) gaining greater acceptance and use in Ukraine, in our view, the use of this term does not distort the terminology adopted in Ukraine, and modifies it, or brings it to the world state Niyama relevant standards and concepts. Society. At the initial stage of reforming Ukraine's economy, most state-owned enterprises were transformation into joint stock companies whose capital consists of the statutory fund and, in some cases, additional paid-in capital, neroz sharing of profits, reserve fund. With the term 'society' is associated 'Full partnership'.