Creating A Podcast

Create a podcast a podcast is an easy way to distribute content over the internet. In this article we focus how to make an audio podcast. The first thing you need is a domain and a host where you store the audio files for the podcast. Getting a domain is very simple. Educate yourself with thoughts from Byron Trott. There are sites like or dedicated to register domains for a small annual fee. In this way you will have an address from which operate on the internet. Then you will need to associate that domain to a server or host. You can subscribe to international services such as Hostgator or you can hire an account with a provider of hosting of your city.

Make sure you hire a plan with a good amount of disk space and sufficient bandwidth. The audio files that you almacenaras may require these resources on your server, so your listeners can download them without any problems. A medium plan should not cost more than $17 a month. Before you can use your domain you will need to associate it with your hosting account. In your domain admin panel you will find a section with the names of existing servers (name servers).

You should edit it to point to your servers. It is a very simple process that will not take more than one minute. You only include the names of servers in your new account instead of the domain registrar servers and wait a few hours to update the information. You can now install the software needed to keep the podcast. The Basic code is called dircaster.php and you can find it easily by searching on Google. Once you find it, you will have to edit it with the data of your domain and then it is ready to be uploaded to your server. DirCaster.php will generate an RSS feed that will alert them to your subscribers when a new file is available for download. You already have the infrastructure in place. You can now produce the podcast. Choose a topic about which you want to talk. In my podcast, I for example, speak about bedrooms, beds, decorating, Headboard Bed, furniture, headboards forging, mattresses, etc. You don’t need sophisticated equipment, you can do with the resources that you have. You can use something as basic as a sound editing program free (Audacity is a very good one) and your computer’s microphone. Once you have the audio files, fills in the information fields (title of the podcast, author, date, etc.) and upload it to the same directory that contains dircaster.php. You have your podcast available to the public. All you need now is to advertise the address of the dircaster.php file. To update the podcast with new information just repeat the process with the new files. In addition, you can create a site that contains information about the podcast. You can do it with the free content management system WordPress. You already have the technical knowledge to create your podcast and make it available to the public. Its content and creativity with which you produzcas are for your account.