Cross Cultural Training And Intercultural Training

The offer IKUD seminars Gottingen, 15.03.2010 was established as training intercultural training and the demand for intercultural trainers. The globalization of the world of work and life, international teams and relationships have become commonplace, but different cultural scripts often lead to misunderstandings. Intercultural training prepare therefore the interaction with people from other cultures. “Intercultural competence” now appears in the request profile at many job descriptions. Acquire and develop can seminars this competence in the intercultural trainings at IKUD be. Next to the intercultural training Russia, India, Turkey, United States, Czech Republic, etc. the Gottinger training company staff training offers on substantive issues such as international presentation and intercultural negotiation.

The special IKUD seminars is the specialization on multipliers. Who wants to work as intercultural trainer or coach or this already complete does the education for the intercultural trainer (m/w) in 5 modules can be”. This certified training enables the conception and implementation of intercultural training. “” The offer for multipliers round the seminar train the trainer skills basic knowledge of a coach “and the workshop concept creation for an intercultural training” from. Update seminars are also regularly for graduates of the intercultural training”offered, presented in many games where new intercultural research and exercises. The IKUD team interested in the employee training or organizations and companies that perform such organised in-house to allow, seminars always extensively and love. The same applies for those interested in the training of intercultural trainers – consulting is capitalized in the Gottingen Office. Due to the already-booked training sequence from April can signup now for additional implementation in the Summer (June August) and of course the two sequences with launch take place in September and November 2010.