Social networks are a very effective way to look for work. Social networks have always existed, it’s finding work through individuals with whom we relate, although these contacts can also be used for any other purpose. Until a few years ago, when we talked about social networks we referred only to personal contacts, to relationships face to face. But with the massive use of Internet social networks by Internet or NETWORKING have also appeared. Online social networks have greatly increased in recent years, and today there are many who make NETWORKING (networking over the Internet).

These contacts may be for any purpose: to find a partner, to find people with the same hobby, or to find work. The generalist networks on the Internet that we all know are FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Then there are networks specializing in various topics. VIADEO, XING and LINKEDIN are most widely known in the Spanish speaking world to find work. Today, they are a powerful instrument that can not give up who is looking for a job.

You must not confuse social networks with the Internet portals where one can hang your resume waiting that any company is interested by him. The functions of social networks are different. Social networks also hangs our Curriculum, although not exactly as we do send it to apply for a job. What we expect in these networks is to establish beneficial relationships with other users. Indeed, social networks on the Internet have the same function as social networks face to face. Before that there were these networks we apuntasemos to a club or an association. Club or association will have its own purpose but a second purpose, not always explicit, is that their partners to interact among themselves. Today, online social networks, and specifically networks oriented relationships work or business, have that same purpose, but this time in a form well explicit. Its sole reason for being is that its users to interact among themselves. In social networks by Internet not face to face relationships are given that so important to sociologists. However, we can know the life and miracles of others sometimes better than the people with whom we interact face to face. And above all, who will tip on online social networks is to establish relationships, to help or be helped. The advantage that everyone can draw on these networks by Internet depends on your personality and your purpose. There are who don’t get any benefit and they are also increasingly those who found a job by this means. It is still early to know whether these networks by Internet will make a radical change in our way of relating or, simply, are a complement to the personal relations of life. But the best way of proving that benefits can bring us these networks by Internet is point to some of them and start using them. If your goal is to find a job, sign up for one that has that purpose.