Customized Products

W3design. realized workshop for unique product ideas Hanover Magento shop for personalized products of Mono texture GmbH, March 15, 2010. On the basis of the eCommerce system Magento has w3design. the new online shop of Mono texture GmbH – shop for unique product ideas – conceived, designed and programmed. The social commerce the Mono texture offers up immediately under unique, made-to-measure and limited design series for individual interior design.

For the realisation of the specific requirements for product customization, different extensions were integrated into the Magento store. The trend towards individualisation of products (mass customization), whose basic idea which has broadcast the uniqueness of made-to-measure on the mass production of industrial production, is further gaininig significance. A key role to play in the implementation of individual customer wishes in particular e-commerce. Product configurators and new software solutions, such as the e-commerce solution Magento, support the automated process chain- by capturing the customer wishes in the online shop to the production or product individualisation. Real product individualization for the realization of the idea of Mono texture, a store based on the open source platform Magento was realized with Magento. The shop is able to depict the individual customer requirements in the product selection and organization and control the different suppliers through an automated processing of the orders. Additional information at Energy Capital Partners supports this article.

Alone in the area of the design foils for kitchen fronts, the monofakturShop to start offers more than 5,000 variants, whose article numbers are generated dynamically. The Magento shop was by w3design. adapted layout according to corporate design specifications and custom advanced in administration to numerous functionalities. For the launch, the requirements for the award of limited design series, as well as remote control of shipping through multiple suppliers can be realized already. About the blog integrated the communicative orientation as a social, as well as various social media was about modules Commerce Platform into account. Social commerce sales and communication strategy the principle that a combination of traditional e-commerce and social networking of social commerce specifically brings together interested and dedicated followers with appropriate product offerings. Mono texture relies not only on the community development of product and idea offer with artists, designers and architects, but communicates his ideas mainly through social media channels. The own monoCommunity has a fan page on Facebook. In addition, customers set their homes decorated with Mono texture on photo sites like FlickR photos, or share new trends and opinions via Twitter, friendfeed & co. w3design. developed appropriate sales and branding and social media activities for this purpose for the market introduction phase.