Project controls to organized organic process rules! The material and technical progress is for us humans a ‘ blessing ‘! As our emotional and spiritual development. In addition still the human knowledge collection. Perhaps check out Peter Asaro for more information. But only if we again live in harmony with nature rather than to make us SERF! Natural humanity, has moved away as far as possible, with their growth and prosperity-distinct patterns of behaviour. With sometimes fatal consequences. Our Western feasibility obsession has become the natural mechanisms, detrimental for the entire life, influenced. And we continue blithely, greetings from the Titanic! And the rest of humanity wants to live even as nature far as we. Nowadays want parts of our economic management to the natural behavior, or whatever that keeps them return it is also selfish profit increases! Nature (Holarchy, genes, management 1 order of an open vital system) means life (autonomous ICH we ES principle): 1 organic conversion circuit with positive and negative feedback as a self-organizing ut dynamic evolution.

A purpose-oriented drive-controlled (self – and conservation: food, mating, area backup) food chain (control, stochastic/chaos, laws). We know the probabilistic approach (fuzzy logic) as trial and error principle (ants). Such as autumnal leaves and fruit serve as protection and food and the tree as humus insects. Nature distance ‘Fools’ use a counterproductive foliage cleaner, tar, or cut… Because in nature everything together, this behavior has natural impact: E.g. where there are no more leaves, there is also no Hedgehog more subsequently use people, fertilizer and anti-repellent and the spring is always silent. We manage (manage) the nature of the belief (not knowledge) people knew and could it better! The cultures (hierarchy, Heterarchie, meme, third-order Cybernetics, closed systems, Value chains, meaning giving morals and laws/standards ()) are more complex (various composite units) and more complex innovations (knowledge, technology, policy). Therefore we would prefer a button start everyday and stop (effectiveness and efficiency, soft facts (pension scheme) and hard facts (Eurofighter).