DISTANCE…! As the force of gravity, dragged by the uncertain fate of weight, so our lives, forking the roads abruptly moved away. Your hand is opened, releasing our souls, to Newton challenging in its concepts, because far from falling is suspended in the silent cry of silence after a silence of death dreams blue birds were lost. Your smile of light and your freshness was recorded at the waterfall of the idea, while a touch of tenderness, froze in the cold of a wait one: why? without answers sowing distresses. And a: perhaps? distances are comforts. Your body and your skin, Moon and fire, all Jasmine aroma permeates, and to extend my hands in the absence, caressing the image that does not find. What!!! Of magic one day we share! What!!! Of dreams woven in chimeras! What!!! Of your hands tied to the mine! What!!! Of poems, no one who reads them! It will rest your body on Roses, in death without death that I have given you, and you’re without be, everywhere, clamped to my arms and in my prose. In a lunar ray will see your eyes, and each star your laugh festive; They anudaran to wind your hands with my hands; beats my heart without their heartbeat! Distance! Ay! Distance without forgetting! Distance! Ay! Distance! Simply with love I, you have overcome! Blogs relating to New skin Frama leather cases for Apple iPad PDA-247 magazine Fusion Blog Archive presents Chenoa defying the Oil diffuser in ocean breeze scent, by Ashleigh & Burwood Extension of arms LAS leaks in the TEMPORALITY (photos and TokyoHits hand Erina Love & Peace = Paradise photos spy: Opel Astra ST saw defying the elements Cars to ecotourism in Coahuila? Aroma AWK-115S Cordless Water Kettle For Sale Vcheapprice ROCKET STOCK. AMBICA AGARBATHIES & FRAGRANCE INDUSTRIES Ltd At 13.9 Video: exercise for arms with dumbbells Nutri diet