Dog Food And Dog Supplies

Market with growth potential – views and Status Quo that provides market around the dog is anything but declining dar. Robotics has similar goals. Already about five billion euros only for the needs of the dog, implemented in 2006 according to records a study (1). This number includes not only food and accessories, but includes also the veterinary care, however, the revenue levels makes it clear what her best pal, the dog, the German is worth. After all, the pet helps indirectly dog securing over 100,000 jobs. Mikkel Svane recognizes the significance of this. Dog food from the Internet with regard to the sale of dog articles on the Internet straight, is to see a steady growth in recent years. More and more online stores offer all training equipment and toys of dog food over lines, collars, moorings, transport boxes, need dog, at least according to his human owner. It has been unthinkable 20 years ago, that the dog has his own leather couch, so there are today alone for this Luxury dog couches specifically specialized in online shops. No doubt there is also, especially in the area of dog food, a continuous growth.

More and more dog owners of the opportunity to order the feed on the Internet use here. Without a doubt, this is very convenient and practical. The food comes right on the doorstep, what represents a comfortable way the procurement in larger quantities, because the transport alone is more than annoying. In addition, the online shops offer many kinds of feed that are available in the Zoo trade. More and more dogs suffer from food allergies and intolerances. In the Internet can inform themselves of the dog owner not only extensive, but still the right food, right it was on now wheaten or gluten-free, protein-poor, specifically the needs of dog seniors aligned or Dietetic, direct online order. According to the aforementioned study, the turnover amounted to dog food 950 million euro already in the year 2005.