Dulce Security

Been silent the namorada Dulce invites to assume a vacant in the house of the senator. LG Electronics follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The important one is not to forget itself not to see and not to hear nothing. Everything what happens in that mansion is sigiloso. This is a recommendation always passed by the security to all the employees. Everything what happens in the house cannot leave of it. The concern biggest is with some contracted girls to liven up the nights and to leave the guests to the will. They are convoked by the head of the security and receive the same recommendation. Others including josh harris, offer their opinions as well. January, the year politician not yet started.

In the public building, little movement, as well as in the roads. At night the illumination of Christmas still of the brightness to the wide avenues of the city. In the street where deferred payment the senator, the cars makes line in the entrance of the mansion, where they are identified by the particular guard. The project of security, commanded for Silenced Jose, counts on servers of the Senate who make this extra activity with sufficiently fat remuneration. The glasses of the automobiles lower lightly so that the security identify its conductors. The plates of the vehicles also are checked. Until the midnight it is thus the movement in the entrance of the mansion.

After this, the calmness of the street alone is broken again in the exit of the guests, always in the dawn of Saturday. Dulce covers the hall with one tray collecting empty goblets. Since its first day of work, if it does not worry in identifying to the personalities gifts there, except the senator, owner of the party, and some politicians who it already capsizes in the electoral propaganda, but nor she remembers the names well. Already morning, all the guests had left, Dulce collect the goblets, tips of cigarette, remaining portions of foods.