Epidemiological Surveillance

Currently, the level of environmental contamination products of human activity in densely populated places reaches a critical point. This leads to the poisoning of water horizons. This problem is less acute in towns with sewerage. But in the villages who were unable to connect to a centralized sewerage system, the problem of biological wastewater treatment is in the first place. In currently in use several methods of cleaning waste water: – mechanical – chemical – biological.

The best way to waste water treatment – biological wastewater treatment. Bioremediation decides virtually all of the problems are not solved by the first two ways. It is recognized that the most effective technology for cleaning an aeration tank. All of the existing aeration tanks until recently been focused on large volumes of wastewater. The situation changed dramatically with the advent of plant range of the system 'YUBAS': 'Astra', 'CYCLONE'. These units are designed in Russia, based on experience of constructing and operating large-scale industrial aeration and fully comply with the conditions of operation in harsh Russian conditions.

In addition, purification of waste water a complete cycle, until the removal of nitrogen, and removed the activated sludge is stabilized in the aerobic conditions, it can be used as an excellent fertilizer (excellent solution to the problem of waste disposal). Plants were tested at the Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental them. AN Sysina and are the most effective of the entire series of purification systems presented in the present market. Reaching 98% of the treatment makes it possible to comply with all Russian standards for treated wastewater. Because of this Main Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance recommend these settings for use throughout the Russian Federation. It only remains to add that the setup is extremely easy to use and require no maintenance of special equipment and spetspersonala. That is easy to install service makes the user. Installation is very durable, because body is made of polypropylene, which does not corrode and do not changing the structure of the sun. And the presence in the structure of the body panels foam layer contributes to the preservation of internal thermal energy of the biomass. The device operates without reducing the quality of cleaning in the winter Russian conditions. There is no need to put treatment plants near the access roads, and the appearance of the above-ground parts of the plant will not damage your YUBAS landscape. Perhaps making the installation of green-colored riding lawn. The absence of bad smells can be mounted close to the installation of structures, if necessary – in the basement. Flexibility and a unique set of characteristics needed to solve the problem of wastewater treatment makes installation of 'YUBAS' most versatile of all the system proposed in the Russian market.