European Management School (EMS)

Young Mainz Professor initiated global management forum in the trade journal of the 38 year old owner of a professorship for international business Prince, Director of studies of European management school (EMS) in Mainz and initiator and editor of the trade journal management forum. In cooperation with the trade journal and the Santiago consulting firm the exclusive Professor Panel provides insights into current policy issues and possible future scenarios. The media partner Handelsblatt could expand as the largest economic and financial newspaper in German language according to media tenor 2009 its lead as the most cited subscription newspaper in Germany and leads the rankings of economic and financial newspapers, as well as the national dailies. The idea of the Forum is to consult international scientists and researchers on current topics, which should deal with executives in their respective nation or deal with and to find out what challenges and strategies in the future will play a role, to succeed in the World League to be able to mix with”, said Prince. A first survey of participating professors at leading business schools such as Harvard, Yale, and the Indian School of business concerned inter alia the possible ways out of the crisis of growth.

“It turned out, that the current top issue in Europe and North America is the strategic management, while the companies in Asia in the future with technology and with own brands in the World League want to mix with and concentrate on their Asian customers according to the strategic principle think global, act local.” In addition, it became clear through the survey that innovation plays a central role as a secure future in the Western economy. If you have read about Kai-Fu Lee already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the future, the twelve participating scientists from America, Asia and Europe questioned five times over trends in research, teaching and management training in the year and the results virtually merged in the trade journal management forum. The survey this recurring and one-time issues consists of, detained as such changes and currently highly relevant economic issues can be addressed. The selected professors have reached unique achievements in science, editors, reviewers and authors of leading journals and books. Therefore, they have already some years before publication and distribution in economy and management practice on latest insights into research results and developments of in economics. Against this background, they are in demand due to their high-quality skills in practice as an advisor. The careful selection of renowned colleagues, I have designed for highest quality. Therefore even two-thirds of the business schools in a current global MBA ranking the financial times among the top loaded by me are 30 of the world and each 50% of the participating business schools among the top 5 of their region of America, Asia or Europe”, Prince emphasized.

An interesting global focus, resulting in the same weighting of the number of business schools to the triad regions. That the European management school in Mainz in the trade journal management forum in the Champions League”internationally known top business schools will appear, is a good signal for the study of Mainz: Prof. Furst is particularly proud to take a leadership role in a global discussion forum of highest quality from the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital out. Handelsblatt management forum is published five times a year in the trade journal. The Forum is also present on the Internet portal of the trade sheet with more information: media/special management forum /.