Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

After the controversial “tank deals” the shadow will spread out the new Western foreign policy is the direction of the Federal Government headed by the Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (since 2005) in relation to the defence or arms export policy, new and until now unique addressed in 2012. The basic idea behind this principle came through the new savings reform of the Bundeswehr. Through reduction of funds, the Chancellor continued support and important partners from abroad, specifically in the Middle East, where arms exports-oriented. Those who take advantage especially weapons and tanks, are regions that are politically by dissatisfaction of citizens or unstable by dictatorial governing regimes. “The Cabinet under Merkel, substantiated the decision that deliveries only to harmless” troops are directed.

Exports worsened partly because it came this year to a further violent conflict in the Middle East. After a weapon break, there was a security breach in the so-called Federal Security Council, through the more Delivery requests became known, even in countries such as Israel, which was already before the escalating conflict under special observation of the world community. The decisions and the associated arguments of the Government caused great indignation at some politician colleagues and partly also in the population. This policy of support and not the unconditional intervention in other countries has become more and more in the years trend, as even large countries such as the United States under President Obama would rather set mobile drones, as on military conflicts with soldiers. One could understand this policy as a new doctrine of Western foreign policy.

Here, the current President Barack Obama from the doctrine of his predecessor George W. Bush, which provided for immediate intervention of the United States and its allies if it felt threatened and wanted to protect democracy goodbye. Wars that continue to this day, fall into this period of Republican presidents, culminating after the horrific September 11 achieved, as for the first time as a result of terrorist attacks threatened a military confrontation. Predecessor drew the image that they fought against terrorists and not against a sovereign State Government, also the term of Office of Barack Obama. With Barack Obama’s announcements, to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush is thus the era”to end with. And though many after the war to the actions of the Western world, namely the training of Afghan security forces doubt, extends this policy to us to Europe, because already the Bundeswehr trained Afghan police force after the withdrawal of German troops, which will probably come in the next few years, so this for law and order in the country is propped by corruption fight. You can trigger the economic crisis or rather in the view state shipping school connection crisis, since they also Germany, that actually during the financial crisis well there, to cost-saving efforts forcing. This encouragement policy (Policy of support) is probably in a new era of conflict solution lead us.