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But it can also be seen that there are several constants that are repeated in the history of the ups and downs inclusion-exclusion. First, it is prevented, directly, the integration through measures to eradicate them. Second, it is prevented, directly, through offers integration impossible to accept because in any case solve their problems, but make it worse. Third, it is prevented, directly, integration, by proclaiming his disparagement laws mandating the same settlement, without providing any concrete measures to this effect. And above all, integration is prevented because the willingness to accept that society has to host the marginalized ethnic minority is a function of competition at any time and place that minority poses to the social sectors of the lower classes of So depend on the overall abundance or scarcity, or not to allow the Roma to form, finally, with a united society payos multiethnic.

But this is precisely the part of the Roma, awareness of their position in the social fabric and also specifies the means materials and legislation. It is necessary that the Administration has in mind some things, and assume: one that the Roma, for now, vote soon, and therefore, the administrative action will only be responsible but not necessarily profitable, second, that there will be no effective measures that are made for achieving the necessary economic means, whose social return is long term, the third has to do with their own programs and measures to be taken to respect ethnic integration of the Roma, which prevents any degree of effectiveness measures of general application and recommends specific actions, specific and tailored. And as the poet said: "Mother of the soul, / I was born gypsy, / if I'm not good / for nothing." Francisco Arias Solis The revolution will distribute the property, peace and harmony among all the inhabitants of the earth, without taking any account of differences of color and race, and make into a family fraternity to all men . (Sentence Fermin Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea) of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL: