Free Training Including Video Profession For Applicants From 45

Ulf evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor offer 5 applicants a great chance in Hamburg, Nuremberg 08.12.2008 – Ulf evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor offer on the occasion of the launch of cooperation five applicants over 45 from Hamburg a free candidate training included video in. The package has a total value of 1.000,-euros per person. 1 preparatory coaching the Ulf evil consulting ( supports about 50 years successfully find a job. The classical application processes were reversed. Applicants could imagine intensely prepared the employers in a personal presentation.

Then, interested employers received application documents. Prejudices and fears were avoided. Applicants were suddenly more abroad. By shifting the first presentation on the video clip applicants can now imagine without space and time constraints as many employers. In the previous traning applicants prepare their presentation in front of the camera. We are working on Self-confidence and an authentic representation of the self.

2. video presentation turn then the application video in the rooms of the studios by StellenSieSichVor ( in Hamburg is rotated with support by experienced film actor. Then the movies are cut by the professionals of StellenSieSichVor, and each applicant access may be granted in the future the video presentation to selected employers via a link. Employers get without going through the classic application document immediately views her central decision based on: the personality of the applicant. 3. application in the training to professionalize In the downstream training Ulf builds evil on the preparation and the finished video. The participants learn to develop application strategies and independently to write cover letters and resumes. The goal is to move that every candidate avoids typical mistakes of the age group and finds his own distinctive style to future sustainable success in the labour market can. What do you do? Application to participate by Ulf evil consulting, this must be submitted up to December 19, 2008: o a complete application, as the candidate they have been using and o maximum half-page description of the current situation (how long unemployed, estimated number of applications, typical experiences etc.). Residence in Hamburg or environment, as the coaching and the shots all there age 45 years possibly incurred travel and subsistence costs must be borne even the participants are willing, evil consulting and StellenSieSichVor as an example may be used as a reference to available, their video presentations and any recordings from the coaching (anonymized) by Ulf. The choice is made evil by Ulf, legal recourse is excluded. Applications for the training package up to December 19, 2008 to: Ulf evil-Hirschberg-str. 4, 91301 Forchheim telephone 09191 / 979071 fax 09191 / 979072 email Web: for press inquiries: friedlies reschke marketing and communication Folderichstr. 46, 13595 Berlin FON 030 / 30 12 44 33 mobile 0172 / 77 94 703